LAN Switching

Organizations are more dependent on their network today than ever before. The LAN switch is a critical component, providing the final handoff to local network devices including VOIP phones, desktops, servers, printers, point-of-sale terminals, etc. A local network is always evolving, with new devices and applications being deployed weekly or even daily. It is critical to be able to define and deploy consistent policy in an automated way across all the customer’s LAN switches. Moves, adds, changes and deletes (MACD) on the LAN switch (like turning up or down a port, configuring the port, and tuning VLAN, QoS and security policies) are often time consuming and error prone when done manually.

Most IT organizations are currently performing these changes manually via CLI which can take hours per change particularly across a wide range of switches. Due to the manual nature, these tasks often consume a significant amount of time from the IT staff – preventing them from working on more strategic tasks. Any errors can result in degraded performance, that can be very difficult to troubleshoot once deployed.

QoS and VLAN management are two of the most critical features on the LAN switch, and these features are being updated on a frequent basis. IT organizations need a central location for defining QoS and VLAN policies that can then be pushed out to all the LAN switches in their network, both quickly and reliably.


• Enable the current IT team to handle changes required for the LAN switch to meet business needs

• Become more responsive to VLAN policy change requests that could potentially touch thousands of switches

• Provide the ability to centrally define and control QoS and VLAN policy and enforce consistency

• Eliminate manual misconfigurations and sub-optimal configurations that can result in degraded network services

• Dramatically reduce the time IT operations spends troubleshooting performance and network degradation issues often caused by QoS related configuration


• Components: AAA, Common Services, Platform abstraction, QoS, SNMP, VLAN

• Centralized policy control for QoS and VLANs across the network

• Abstracted, simplified VLAN management

• Easily manage complex VLAN designs and changes on hundreds or thousands of devices

• Provide automated policy changes to update QoS implementation (TOS>DSCP) or class changes

• Deep feature set support for classification, marking, queueing, policing and shaping of traffic

• Update a QoS policy and provision it to all devices using that policy in a single click

• Easily manage complex QoS designs on hundreds or thousands of devices

• Support for brownfield and greenfield networks

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