Gluware VNFusion Solution provides orchestration across physical and virtual functions such as routing, switching, firewall, load balancers, ADCs. Gluware VNFusion works uniformly with physical, distributed NFV and cloud-based NFV functions uniformly.


• Protect your investment, enabling customers to cap and grow. Existing physical devices can stay in place until it is cost effective to remove them. New VNF solutions can be deployed quicker when combined in a “cap and grow” environment.

• Unlock Vendor “Lock-In”, providing flexibility to grow in new directions that do not depend on device vendors’ proprietary software.

• Stop the confusion, get started moving to VNFs, providing a simple, easy way to manage physical and virtual solutions. There is no reason for complexity.


• Abstracted management of multi-vendor network resources

• Accelerate the migration from physical to virtual network functions

• Provide seamless upgrade, downgrade or vendor change for physical or virtual network functions

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