Selected Tier: Gluware Automation

Solve your biggest network automation pain-points with a Pro tier that’s right for you.

As part of the cloud-delivered Gluware Pro family, the Pro Automation tier is specifically geared to organizations who need to automatically keep their network in policy and automate network operating system (OS) upgrades, downgrades and patch management.

  • Gluware Control gives you full Gluware administrative access including a user-defined dashboard to see and manage the exact details of your Gluware system.
  • Device Manager enables comprehensive network discovery and inventory.
  • Config Drift & Audit lets you monitor all network devices for change, identify configuration lines that have changed and audit configurations for company and security policies. Solve your biggest network automation pain-points with a Pro tier tailored to meet your unique enterprise requirements—code-free and at scale.
  • OS Manager makes executing OS upgrades, downgrades, and patch application at scale pain-free, validating with pre/post checks and enabling the scale and performance required for your network.

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$ 99

Per Month
  • Gluware Control
  • Device Manager
  • Config Drift/Audit
  • OS Manager
  • Config Modeling

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