Gluware Juniper Joint EVPN-VXLAN Solution Brief

Juniper, Gluware Join Forces to Simplify EVPN-VXLAN Management Through Automation

EVPN-VXLAN has emerged as the leading architecture for modernizing campus and data center networks, introducing new application flexibility while supporting legacy software. The interdependency of the protocols involved makes it a challenge to manage these applications manually as the network scales and the rate of changes to overlays and policies increase. Working together, Juniper Networks and Gluware are delivering industry-leading network automation to safely and securely manage and operate multiservice, cloud-enabled campus and data center networks. Juniper data center platforms—paired with Gluware® Intelligent Network Automation—offer performance and scale along with operational simplicity so you can:

  • Accelerate customer deployments
  • Simplify network management
  • Modernize multiservice campus and data center networks
  • Handle the complexities of interdependent protocols
  • Achieve the desired network state
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