Test Drive - 4color


Intelligent Network Automation

Test Drive Use-Cases

Take the Gluware Test Drive to see how Intelligent Network Automation can help you configure, provision and manage your brownfield and greenfield networks to today’s strict standards in accuracy, agility and security with no programming required. The Test Drive is your starting point with "operational" role-based access to run the use-cases below. Gluware can do much more. Complete the Test Drive then let us know what automation challenges Gluware can help you solve. All you need to get started is a Google Chrome web browser!

Test Drive - 4color

Test Drive Overview

Gluware Test Drive Overview

  • Introduction and overview of the Gluware Test Drive
  • Overview of Gluware Intelligent Network Automation
  • Test Drive enviornment and administrative tasks

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Network Device Manager

Device Manager

1A | Dynamic Network Discovery and Inventory

  • Import and/or discover devices and capture device details
  • Filter, search, sort inventory
  • Establish or sync with source-of-truth

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1B | Device Assessment

  • 3rd Party API calls to Cisco for EoX, SmartNet and  PSIRT information

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Test Drive - Confit drift audit

Config Drift and Audit

2A | Configuration Drift

  • High-resolution config change detection across all network devices
  • Remediate in a later use-case with Config Modeling

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3A-C | Configuration Audit

  • 3A: Standards-based audit
  • 3B: Company policy audit
  • 3C: Ad-hoc security policy audit

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Config Modeling

4A | Policy-Based Config. Management on Cisco IOS

  • Enforce specific configuration standards (like global config) – remediation

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4B | Policy-Based Config. Management Adding QoS on Cisco IOS

  • Deploy QoS policy along with standard globals

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4C | Policy-Based Config. Management on Juniper JUNOS

  • Apply standard global features including banner, dns, ntp, snmp and syslog
  • Implement day 2 changes to policies including dns and ntp

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Discover, Analyze, and Assess

Device Manager within Gluware Control provides the ability to discover all the details about your current network devices.  Config Drift and Audit monitor for config changes and provide a robust capability to audit the network.

Upgrade, Downgrade, and Patch

OS Update provides the ability to automate the software management of the network devices including upgrades, downgrades, patches and more.

Policy-based Configuration Management

Config Modeling provides the ability to rapidly onboard, automate and structure a customers’ existing CLI based network features including technology base packages for Routing, Switching, Firewall, WAN Optimizers, Load Balancing, and Wireless LAN Controller.

Feature Packages

Config Modeling leverages Feature Packages which are data-modeled structures that have been created for use with specific vendor platforms and automate features such as ACLs, QoS, Globals, NAC and more.  Gluware provides example feature packages and customer are able to dynamically create them from their existing configurations.