Gluware Applications

Gluware applications provide solutions to rapidly automate network features, services, and functions.

Config Modeling

Provides the ability to rapidly onboard, automate and structure a customers’ existing CLI based network features including Routing, Switching, Firewall, WAN Optimizers, Load Balancing, and Wireless LAN Controller.

Pre-Built Advanced Modeling

Provides solutions based on vendor or industry best practice settings to rapidly roll out new or update existing network features and network utilities.

Gluware Control

Gluware Control is a cloud-native application that provides the core platform which enables all of the Gluware Solutions. It provides centralized user and device management.  The Gluware Control platform can be deployed as a Software-as-a-Service cloud instance or on-premise.

Gluware Control is populated with the application packages purchased by the customer. Packages can co-exist on the platform and often perform complementary functions for network management.

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Config Modeling

The Gluware Config Modeling Solution provides rapid onboarding of existing network features to enable automated network configuration and change management of an existing network.  The customer provides their CLI, the supported show commands per feature and points out any desired variables or additional logic.

This can be done for one all the way up to all the features on a device type or the whole network. Then, with no further effort or expertise required, the features are onboarded, and the provisioning of the current devices and features are automated using the benefits of the Gluware Orchestration Engine.  Config Modeling currently supports routing, switching, firewall, load balancing, WAN optimization and wireless LAN controller configurations.

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The Gluware SD-WAN Solution is an approach designed to “unchain” an enterprise network from expensive bandwidth provided by carriers. Gluware provisions the existing WAN architecture to make intelligent decisions about what traffic is placed on which route. It allows high priority traffic to get the best treatment and differentiates the lower priority traffic so that cheaper bandwidth can be used.

Currently, all network traffic is often placed onto expensive service (MPLS) without making performance or priority decisions.  With the Gluware SD-WAN Solution and an existing WAN architecture, IT personnel can significantly reduce their existing telecom spending immediately, using either Internet only or a mix of Internet and MPLS to suit their business priorities.

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Config Drift

The Gluware Configuration Drift and Audit (Config Drift) Solution manages network devices’ configuration compliance and security. Gluware Config Drift maintains snapshots of all network device configurations, and by establishing one snapshot as the default, identifies and analyzes any network device configuration changes over time.

IT Professionals can instantly identify the state of the configuration across all network devices, In addition to the real-time view, this solution also provides automated compliance reporting.

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OS Upgrade

The Gluware OS Upgrade Solution provides simplified management of network device software upgrades. It provides centralized organization, management, and control for keeping network elements on the most up to date software levels – making the IT task of software/ firmware management easy.

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