Gluware Applications

Code-free network automation application suite for rapid and secure enterprise network automation

Discover, Analyze and Assess

The Device Manager application lets you discover all the details you need to know about your current network devices. The Config Drift & Audit application monitors your network for configuration changes and provides a robust capability to audit your devices on schedule or on-demand. Dashboards and Data Explorer provide data-driven insights including visualization and custom reporting of network data.

Upgrade, Downgrade and Patch

OS Manager lets you automate the software management of your network devices including upgrades, downgrades, patches and more.

Policy-based Configuration Management

The Config Modeling application lets you rapidly onboard, automate and structure your existing CLI-based network features including technology base packages for routing, switching, firewall, WAN optimizers, Load balancing and wireless LAN controllers.

Manage Complex Network Configurations

Config Modeling leverages vendor adapters and Config Modeling Kits—data-modeled structures designed for use with specific vendor platforms to automate features such as ACLs, QoS, Globals, NAC and more. Example feature packages are included to dynamically create from your existing configurations.

Gluware Intelligent Network Automation

Device Manager
Dynamic Network Inventory

  • Capture real-time network device details
  • Establish or sync with source-of-truth

Device Manager
Device Assessment

  • 3rd Party API calls to Cisco for EoX, SmartNet and  PSIRT information
Apps - Gluware Plugins

Gluware Control

Gluware Control is a cloud-native application that provides centralized user and device management for all Gluware applications and solutions. It can be deployed as a Software-as-a-Service cloud instance or on-premises.

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Apps - Device Manager

Device Manager

The Gluware Device Manager application lets enterprises quickly execute network device auto-discovery across their entire network—no matter how large or complex. Gluware Device Manager intelligently interrogates your network to build a database of device inventory that includes hi-res details critical to automating entire networks—code-free, error-free and at scale.

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Config Drift and Audit

Drift and Audit

Gluware Config Drift & Audit enables organizations to achieve control over their network devices and the “wild west” approach to change management taking place in many networks today. The Config Drift and Audit application works hand-in-hand with network configuration functionality to provide the necessary feedback loop to monitor the current network config state and notify users of possible unauthorized changes that may need remediation.

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Gluware OS Manager

OS Manager

Upgrading network device firmware/software is a task that IT operations often avoids, given that it introduces change (and therefore risk) and it requires a highly-coordinated effort to minimize downtime. As a practice, most IT organizations try to limit Firmware/Software (FW/SW) changes on their network equipment to once a year and for many, it is an expensive and arduous process.

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Config Modeling

Config Modeling

The Gluware® Config Modeling application provides rapid onboarding of existing network features to enable automated network configuration and change management of an existing network.  The customer provides their CLI, the supported show commands per feature, and points out any desired variables or additional logic. This can be accomplished for one feature all the way up to all features on a device type or the entire network. Then, with no further effort or expertise required, the features are onboarded, and the provisioning of the current devices and features are automated using the benefits of the Gluware Orchestration Engine. Config Modeling currently supports routing, switching, firewall, load balancing, WAN optimization and wireless LAN controller configurations.

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Data Explorer

Data Explorer

Data Explorer solution provides the ability to build user-defined templates for custom reporting of any data within the Gluware databases. This includes defining new custom default reports for each application and also comes with pre-built reports and report viewer with the ability to export in csv, PDF or JSON. Users can generate reports such as detailed hardware inventory, device port utilization, port configuration, L2 and/or L3 configuration, device license, mix reports with drift, audit, OS Manager details and more. Users can generate the reports from Data Explorer, or leverage the report templates created directly from one of the Gluware solutions. Collaborate with other users with the ability to import/export report templates.

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Network RPA

Gluware Network RPA

Intelligent end-to-end network process automation. Event-Driven. Pre-built tasks. No coding needed. Automate your enterprise network in minutes, not months.

Gluware Network Robotic Process Automation (Network RPA) provides the ability to create, manage, and monitor no-code process automation (a.k.a. workflows). It runs inside the Gluware Control web-based UI and is tightly integrated with the suite of automation applications.

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Gluware Topology app

Gluware Topology

Gluware Topology provides a visual representation of the network leveraging the data collected by Gluware during network discovery and ongoing detailed device discovery. The powerful mapping engine is built to scale for multi-tier global networks, and users can zoom in and out from a global perspective down to specific device connectivity. Also, users can navigate to a site diagram from a specific device in the Device Manager inventory.

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Apps - Workflows


Gluware® Workflows streamlines your day-to -ay operational network automation tasks and processes. Workflows is part of Intent-Based Gluware® Intelligent Network Automation. The application uses pre-built or customer-defined workflows to rapidly discover and automate today’s large-scale enterprise networks. No programming is required with Workflows, reducing human errors and delivering the agility, cost savings and security that your network engineering and operations require.

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Apps - API


Network management and automation solutions must exist in an ecosystem of other products—all working together to provide monitoring, configuration management, IT system workflow management, and more. To satisfy this critical customer requirement, Gluware has published its API—GluAPI—enabling a programmatic interface so customers can leverage the power of Gluware automation and orchestration capabilities via API. GluAPI enables core API endpoint services with support to access all the device management capabilities including search, create, read, update and delete functions along with the Gluware Device Detect discovery actions and results.

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Apps - Dashboard


Gluware® Dashboard is an intuitive and insightful dashboard app with a fully integrated interface for greater efficiency. The application comes with pre-seeded dashboards for administrative and app-specific views. It is fully customizable with multiple widget options with role-specific and private or public (shared) functionality. It includes widgets for rich text notes, web pages, RSS feed, counts, tables schedules, user activity, and more.

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Apps - Lab G

Gluware Lab IDE

Gluware® Lab is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for streamlining your day-to -day operational network automation tasks and processes. Gluware Lab is built on the well-known Eclipse framework providing a rich-client platform desktop software. Its modular design leverages plug-ins from Gluware, open-source and Eclipse delivering an all-in-one application stack with the full provisioning engine for end-to-end development, testing and deployment to Gluware Control. Lab also has extensive debugging capabilities for working through any issues.

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