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Other energy companies have successfully automated their networks. Why not you?

Gluware helps leaders in the energy industry achieve regulatory compliance. We enable them to automate their network configuration changes, perform OS upgrades at scale, and conduct recurring audit / compliance checks and remediation, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Our multi-vendor, multi-domain, code-free platform inventories your network devices, addresses configuration drift and audits, provides port consumption visibility, OS upgrades, and QoS policy automation. This is network automation at scale.

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With a 1-year ROI of $967K, Gluware can save the average energy company in excess of $6.28M over a 5-year period by:
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The average energy company has 27 unplanned downtime incidents per year that result in losses of $49 million (General Electric)
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In 2022 network misconfigurations cost businesses 9% of revenue (Titania Research)
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74% of oil and gas companies are expected to adopt digital twins by 2025 (Restrata)
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61% of compliance officers expect to increase investment in their compliance function over the next two years (Accenture)
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