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Gluware Topology

Visualize your Network, Generate Site Documentation, Enhance and Accelerate Troubleshooting

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Gluware Topology provides a visual representation of the network leveraging the data collected by Gluware during network discovery and ongoing detailed device discovery. The powerful mapping engine is built to scale for multi-tier global networks, and users can zoom in and out from a global perspective down to specific device connectivity. Also, users can navigate to a site diagram from a specific device in the Device Manager inventory.

Gluware Topology will help to simplify the management and troubleshooting of network infrastructure, enabling the ability to search and overlay the underlying data stored within the network related to inventory information. It is designed to meet the needs of large enterprises who are required by compliance and/or regulatory requirements to maintain documentation of the network with the ability to export diagrams out in standard formats (including Visio).

Visualize your Network

Generate Site Documentation

Enhance and Accelerate Troubleshooting