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Data Explorer

Actionable, data-driven insights for better automation results

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As enterprise networks become more complex, IT teams need to both work faster and have better control of their network resources or they will face a number of downstream risks.

NetOps teams need granular visibility across their entire enterprise to gain critical intelligence to accurately automate business intent with enough reach to orchestrate the entirety of a network – the old, the new and the future. This is critical for achieving the sustained performance and security that can turn IT into a competitive advantage. 

Data Explorer offers unparalleled visibility into network data that enables NetOps teams to automate networks based on actionable, data-driven insights to enhance agility, performance and security.

Build Data Driven Insights

The Data Explorer solution is powered by direct access to the underlying databases within the user’s Gluware instance enabling the ability to assess network information faster.

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Improve Network Security

Create customized templates to generate reports with the data you need to identify security issues and vulnerabilities. Generate reports to:

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Optimize Network Performance

Sub-optimal performance is often caused by misconfigured or inconsistently configured devices. Data Explorer enables users to report on:

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Inventory and Lifecycle Management

Leverage the pre-built reports from the Gluware Knowledge Base to quickly create meaningful reports and customize them to provide the data insight you need for improved lifecycle management including:

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