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Gluware Control

Easily manage the Gluware® Intelligent Network Automation Suite from a centralized control panel

Get your network under control

Gluware® Control is the centralized control panel for Gluware® Intelligent Network Automation applications. It is an on-premises or cloud-based software platform and orchestration engine that includes Dashboards, Data Explorer and Device Manager to service the Gluware Intent-Based Networking applications. Gluware Control helps network engineering and operations easily manage devices and software across dozens of vendors and operating systems including routers, switches, firewalls, load-balancers, WAN optimizers and wireless LAN controllers. Cloud-based or on-premises, Gluware Control lets you easily load and manage software packages and applications, create organizations for multi-tenant network management, administer users with role-based access, easily import devices and perform inventory.

Gluware Control is a centralized platform designed to simplify the installation, configuration, operations, maintenance and management of your network at feature level or full configuration. The integrated Device Manager lets you perform on-demand network device inventory and execute vendor API calls for PSIRT and support information.  Access Gluware’s Intent-Based applications including Config Drift and Audit, OS Manager, Config Modeling and Workflows. The Dashboard and Data Explorer applications provide data-driven insights with visual and custom reporting capabilities. Each Gluware application leverages the intelligent orchestration engine to read, write and verify the underlying network.

Built for network engineers and Operations teams, Gluware Control can run on-premises or as a Software as a Service (SaaS) from the cloud. Rapidly automate traditional (CLI), modern (API) and Cloud networks and avoid dependencies on limited, single-vendor management platforms.

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Cloud-Based or

  • AWS, MS Azure cloud-based or virtual-machine based on-premises installation
  • SaaS subscription based or perpetual license
  • Scalable to tens of thousands of network devices with the ability to provision thousands in under an hour
  • Redundancy option with database sync
  • Customizable data retention policies

Platform Differentiation

  • Data-model driven with closed-loop automation
  • Declarative provisioning to read current state and implement only necessary changes


  • User management with customizable levels of role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Support for customer provided LDAP or RADIUS
  • Available 2FA security with Gluware sign-in
  • SAML and PKCE support


  • Organize network nodes by administrative domains
  • Single interface across multiple managed networks or customers

Device Manager

  • SSH or Telnet protocol support
  • Manage routers, switches, firewalls, load-balancers, WAN optimizers and WLAN controllers, API integrations support
  • Use the network auto-discovery funtion which uses ARP, LLDP and CDP to discover all the network devices for import into Gluware
  • Perform dynamic real-time inventory to capture OS version, serial numbers and more with extensibility
  • Cisco® API Console integration to provide SmartNet, EoL/EoS and PSIRT information
  • Custom field support to enable tagging of site-specific or device-specific information used for filtering

Solutions Management

  • Integrated software distribution center for Gluware updates
  • Dynamically load software packages with version control

Lifecycle Management

  • Perform lifecycle management from zero-touch deployment, inventory, config drift, config audit and
    ongoing policy-based configuration management
  • Optional watchdog agent to monitor and notify for unauthorized configuration changes Extensive logging support with real-time and historical views
  • Integrated scheduler with notifications

API Support

  • Published API and API endpoint to run the software features headless instead of a UI
  • Integration with Anisble providing an inventory plugin and a module for config drift and audit
Gluware Control - Gluware Marketecture Diagram 16SEP21


  • Unify multi-vendor, multi-platform management from disparate tools to a centralized control
  • Pre-built vendor packages which read and write native vendor CLI enabling no-code automation
  • Data-modeling for programmatic approach enabling software control of existing non-programmatic devices


  • Installs simply and requires no changes to the network to begin providing instant inventory and configuration drift monitoring
  • Leverages native vendor CLI and RegEx to quickly create network audits and configuration policies
  • Ingests running configurations and derive policy to quickly enable Intent-Based network configuration


  • Requires no programming language or database schema language, unlike other automation approaches
  • Delivers consistent functionality and abstracted functionality across multidomain, multi-vendor networks
  • Stepwise approach automates current pain points and expands over time without requiring greenfield or redeployments