Simple network automation anywhere—bring the power of Gluware into your platforms

Programmatic Interface to Network Automation

Network management and automation solutions must exist in an ecosystem of other products, all working together to provide monitoring, configuration management, IT system workflow management and more. To satisfy this critical customer requirement, Gluware has published its API, GluAPI, enabling a programmatic interface so customers can leverage the power of Gluware automation and orchestration capabilities via API. GluAPI enables core API endpoint services with support to access Gluware app functionality including Device Manager, Config Drift and Audit and more.

Introduction to the GluAPI and Updates in Gluware 4.2

Demonstration of the Ansible integration using the GluAPI

GluAPI allows you access Gluware device and organization data. GluAPI adheres to REST architectural principles, has predictable, resource-oriented URLs, and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. Built-in HTTP features, like HTTP authentication and HTTP verbs, are understood by off-the-shelf HTTP clients.
GluAPI supports cross-origin resource sharing, allowing you to interact securely with the API from a client-side web application. JSON is returned by all API responses, including errors.Examples of API usage and possible integrations are available on Gluware’s GitHub.


  • Programmatic interface to allow customers to integrate Gluware into their ecosystem
  • API Endpoint is installed as a service
  • Use-case examples include:
    • Inventory management
    • Config drift and audit
    • Change management approval
    • Deploy configuration changes
  • Built-in documentation
  • REST based with predictable, resource-oriented URLs
  • Use of built-in HTTP features including authentication, verbs and more
  • Common authorization (with Gluware Control UI)
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  • JSON data model return by all API responses, including error messages


  • Gluware published APIs enable customers to automate on top of the automation platform and not have to use the UI for desired actions
  • APIs enable the ability to customize their own application or user interface to use underlying Gluware capabilities
  • APIs enable systems in the management plane to programmatically interact eliminating manual steps in the process
  • APIs provide programmatic access to real-time access for the underlying network 
  • Supported 3rd party packages including Ansible plug-in and modules