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Multi-Cloud Network Automation

Infrastructure as Code, Declarative Approach to Automate AWS, GCP and MS Azure

Gluware is Supported on 45+ Platforms

The benefits of Gluware® Intelligent Network Automation for multi-cloud environments

Enterprise IT is moving towards a “cloud-first” strategy, consuming Software as a Service (SaaS) and moving workloads to the cloud via Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). SaaS and public cloud infrastructure has proven to help agility, scalability, availability and either save cost, or at least align cost with consumption.

Enabling an entire enterprise company to move from on-premise services, like mail servers and storage, to SaaS-based services, like Microsoft 365, can mean significant changes to network traffic patterns, potentially requiring a network re-architecture – or at least a re-configuration. Gluware has been helping companies accelerate their ability to move to the cloud through network automation. This is highlighted by a customer use-case where a global pharma that used Gluware to automate their move to the cloud starting with QoS, SNMP and Netflow on their global backbone routers, accelerating their move to the Azure cloud for the Microsoft 365 services. This enabled their organization to properly handle and prioritize the changing traffic patterns, along with monitoring and tuning QoS policies easily, as needed.

Software developers and DevOps engineers within organizations were the early adopters to develop in and move workloads to the cloud. This has either been driven by corporate strategy, or was a shadow IT effort to test and leverage the vast resources offered in the public clouds. Either way, the cloud is now a well-accepted and standardized platform for most web applications, especially when they deliver services over the internet. For various reasons, quite a few applications and back-end systems have had to stay on-premises, creating hybrid deployments. IaaS adoption has matured to the point where NetOps has been tasked with taking over the responsibility of managing network infrastructure as it extends from on-premises into the various public clouds. This presents a challenge, since each cloud has its own native networking components, constructs and tools to configure them. As Enterprises embrace a multi-cloud approach, this problem gets more challenging.

Enterprise NetOps is looking for a solution to unify the management of the on-premise network along with the network infrastructure in the cloud, and that is where Gluware comes in. Gluware Intelligent Network Automation has become an industry leader in intent-based networking for on-premise networks. Gluware also delivers the ability for the NetOps team to automate the multi-cloud infrastructure, a capability that continues to grow in importance as workloads and applications move into this environment.

Multi-cloud network automation

Gluware Terraform Data Modeling Support

The Gluware integration with Terraform extends network automation to the domains of multiple public cloud providers, starting with AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Leveraging Terraform as a vendor adapter, Gluware adds the ability to automate public cloud infrastructure including all the capabilities enabled by the native Terraform Providers.

Gluware has integrated Terraform File (.tf) creation and management through the Config Modeling application. Using Config Modeling, users can create, manage and enhance the TF files, using the native Terraform CLI language, for the initial creation and day two changes of the various resources (like VPCs, internet gateways, subnets, security groups…etc.). Config Modeling supports static text and is able to enhance the TF file with variables and the ability to abstract with form fill data – same as traditional CLI users or Gluware are already familiar with. Gluware also maintains the required file directory system and Terraform state file to support declarative provisioning to refresh the state file, compare it to the previous provisioning and implement only the changes required as defined in the TF file.

Use Gluware to:

  • Preview – Preview the provisioning to see what changes will be made (in a declarative manner)
  • Provision – Push the updated TF files to the Terraform engine to interact with the cloud APIs and complete the provisioning
  • Un-Provision – “Undo” to back out of the last changes to your multi-cloud resources
    Users will appreciate the centralized control Gluware brings along with the transparency and detail of all the logs provided when leveraging the underlying Terraform engine to see exactly what happened.


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