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Streamline your key processes with Intent-Based Networking automation

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Gluware® Workflows streamlines your day to day operational network automation tasks and processes. Workflows is part of Gluware® Intelligent Network Automation. The application uses pre-built or customer-defined workflows to rapidly discover and automate today’s large-scale enterprise networks. No programming is required with Workflows, reducing human errors and delivering the agility, cost savings and security your network engineering and operations require.

Workflows leverages the underlying power of the existing Gluware Intent-Based Networking (IBN) application suite used for processes including network discovery, drift, audit, OS management, config management and assessment. The Workflows are also powered by Gluware’s intelligent network orchestration engine which performs declarative provisioning. It offers support for a multi-vendor network layer using vendor extensions to accelerate your ability to streamline tasks. This capability is especially important when the network is composed of multiple vendors and platforms.

Intent Based Networking Workflow Diagram
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