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Streamline your key processes with Intent-Based Networking automation

Gluware® Workflows streamlines your day to day operational network automation tasks and processes. Workflows is part of Gluware® Intelligent Network Automation. The application uses pre-built or customer-defined workflows to rapidly discover and automate today’s large-scale enterprise networks. No programming is required with Workflows, reducing human errors and delivering the agility, cost savings and security your network engineering and operations require.

Workflows leverages the underlying power of the existing Gluware Intent-Based Networking (IBN) application suite used for processes including network discovery, drift, audit, OS management, config management and assessment. The Workflows are also powered by Gluware’s intelligent network orchestration engine which performs declarative provisioning. It offers support for a multi-vendor network layer using vendor extensions to accelerate your ability to streamline tasks. This capability is especially important when the network is composed of multiple vendors and platforms.

Gluware Embedded Workflow and Intelligent Model Discovery Demo

See how embedded workflows enable you to launch a workflow directly from another app, like Config Modeling, and how the enhanced Intelligent Model Discovery (IMD) workflow can read in and understand configured network parameters on an existing device and turn that into network policy to be used for network automation.

Workflows Categories

  • Design: Engineers can create and modify their own network features and formulate custom workflows used within Gluware® Config Modeling
  • Operate: NetOps can easily provision devices and assign credentials and network policy across multiple nodes
  • Plan: Operations can perform tasks including using 3rd party vendor APIs to pull support contract status, End of life/End of sale and security vulnerability information
  • Troubleshoot: Common troubleshooting procedures can be automated to retrieve node operational state values

No Programming Required

  • Pre-built workflows provide instant value and powerful processes for engineering and operations
  • Gluware-provided rapid development to integrate your specific processes for NetOps

Intent-Based Provisioning

  • Workflows abstracts underlying components to ingest business objectives and execute the task or process
  • Workflows utilizes the Gluware applications capabilities to provide pre-built engineering and operational tasks and processes
  • Workflows leverages the intelligent orchestration engine to provide declarative provisioning with validation of the intended state

Optimized for Brownfield

  • Workflows enable the ability to automate common features across hundreds or thousands of network nodes
  • Network feature policies can be abstracted leveraging Gluware to render the native vendor CLI for each underlying platform
  • Workflows can capture user input and also leverage Gluware to discover an already configured variable, like a VLAN ID, then use it for required CLI commands