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How important is it for you to know how other hospitals and medical centers have successfully automated their networks?

Every day, Gluware helps industry leaders in healthcare to automate OS upgrades at scale and provide configuration management and remediation, enabling them to save a tremendous amount of time and money. With a multi-vendor, multi-domain, code-free platform that will inventory all your network devices, address configuration drift and audits, OS upgrades, QoS policy automation, and more, Gluware provides network automation at scale. And our configuration audit application enables simple export functionality to comply with regulatory requirements.

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With a 1-year ROI of $1.416M, Gluware can save the average hospital in excess of $6.02M over a 5-year period by:
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The average cost per year due to network downtime per U.S. hospital (Ponemon, Gluware)
Average number of P-1 downtime incidents per U.S. hospital per year (Gluware)
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60% of network outages and an even larger number of breaches are due to misconfiguration errors (Progress Software)
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Respondents in health care who reported having recent encounters with enforcement agencies for noncompliance (SAI360)
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