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Gluware Network RPA

Intelligent end-to-end network process automation. Event-Driven. Pre-built tasks. No coding needed. Automate your enterprise network in minutes, not months.

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Gluware Network Robotic Process Automation (Network RPA) provides the ability to create, manage, and monitor no-code process automation (a.k.a. workflows). It runs inside the Gluware Control web-based UI and is tightly integrated with the suite of automation applications.

The purpose of Gluware Network RPA is to provide users, including network engineers and operators, with the ability to create, manage, and run end-to-end process automation for workflows such as moves/adds/changes/ deletes (MACD), assessments, troubleshooting, operating system change processes, configuration management, and other end-to-end processes.

Network RPA provides users with access to pre-built task-level operations from the Gluware application suite, along with external tasks for integrations with systems such as ITSMs, IPAMs, monitoring, and Syslog. The library of tasks available for inclusion in the workflows will continue to expand, providing additional Gluware functionality along with functionality through 3rd-party systems, including the open-source StackStorm library, and other integrations via API.

No-Code Editor Simplifies Workflow Design

Easily Manage Library of Workflows

Monitor Workflow Activity and Details

Growing Library of 3rd Party Integrations