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Gluware Service Connectors

Accelerate end-to-end process automation with pre-built API integrations

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Gluware Service Connectors deliver pre-built integration with popular service layer products used in NetOps including ITSMs, CMDBs, DDIs and more. We know that automating via an API interface is no trivial task, and rarely does a network engineer have the time or skill set to develop, test, deploy and support these integrations. API’s involve programming to execute the calls and process the responses and many don’t necessarily support REST-based APIs. But even REST-based APIs use primitive calls over HTTP that include GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and contain JSON or XML in the payload. These provide “CRUD” functions to create, read, update and delete information. When applying this to software, these get quite complex in managing the necessary calls, processing the responses (payload), handling variables and effectively providing automation.

To make this much simpler, Gluware has pre-built a library of the required API calls and packaged them as tasks available in the Network RPA application with drag-and-drop, no-code automation. And if you want to customize and expand capability, the REST Development Kit (RDK) classes are available in Gluware Lab, a low-code IDE. Gluware provides enhancements, support and training for each of these service connector packages.

Automate the Service Layer

Gluware provides automation and orchestration of both the network infrastructure (southbound) and the service layer (a.k.a management plane, northbound). Automating the service layer is critical when evolving from task automation to process automation. For example, to move, add, or change on the network layer often means opening a change request in an ITSM, changing data in a CMDB and making edits to DNS, DHCP or IPAM (DDI). On the other hand, Gluware Service Connectors let you:

Use the Power of Bots

Users can build no-code workflows using Gluware Network RPA. These workflows can be executed manually, scheduled, triggered or event-driven. When automation is running, it is critical to provide updates to external systems (like ITSMs and communication platforms) so that activities are documented and are compliant. When a workflow runs as triggered, event-driven or scheduled, it is considered a “Bot” performing robotic process automation. Every Gluware workflow has an API call, so that they can be invoked “event-driven” from a 3rd party. These Network RPA workflows allow you to:

Automate ITSMs, DDIs and More

Gluware release 5 features the Gluware Service Connectors with ServiceNow support. ServiceNow delivers IT Service Management (ITSM) as well as Configuration Management Database (CMDB) capabilities. 

Gluware Service Connectors for ServiceNow automates:

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