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Config Drift & Audit

Automatically detect configuration drift and run config audits across your multi-vendor network

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Detect configuration drift, perform ongoing audits

The Gluware Config Drift and Audit solution enables organizations to achieve control over their multi-vendor network device configurations. Config Drift provides the ability to “snapshot” a desired configuration state, and then quickly compare current configuration against that snapshot and identify any changes. In addition, Config Audit provides the ability to quickly and easily define a custom policy or leverage a standard policy to perform an audit for compliance network wide. Users are able to customize the commands used for the snapshot, including configuration and operational state enabling a high degree of customization. 

About Config Drift & Audit

The Config Drift and Audit application has been designed for simplicity. The Drift capability allows users to quickly compare two historical device configuration snapshots against each other. When changes are detected, network operators can review the changes, and if appropriate, promote the new snapshot to default with one click. By default, Gluware will capture the running configuration for drift monitoring. Users are also able to customize the capture commands to perform drift on any CLI or API output from the network devices. The Audit capability enables a search across all or a selected set of network devices to determine if there are policy violations either company policy, ad-hoc, or standards-based. Users are able to audit the running configuration or any custom commands that are updated each time the discovery runs.

Results can be exported to share with audit and compliance departments. Config Drift and Audit currently supports 40+ operating systems and is growing based on demand. It is scalable to thousands of devices allowing network operators to always have a near real-time config view across all their vendors and domains.

Benefits & Features​

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Config Drift allows you to:



Config Audit allows you to:

Config Drift and Audit works hand-in-hand with the network configuration solutions providing the necessary feedback loop to monitor the current network config state and notify users of possible unauthorized changes that may need remediation. 


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