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Device Manager

Auto-discover and inventory all of the devices in your multi-vendor network at scale—no matter what the size or complexity

Gluware Device Manager: Application Demo


The Gluware Device Manager application helps large organizations quickly execute network device auto-discovery across their entire network, no matter how large or complex. Gluware Device Manager intelligently interrogates your network to build a database of your device inventory that includes hi-resolution details critical to automating your entire network code-free and at scale.
Many first-generation auto-discovery tools are subject to false reads on the network because they depend on inefficient and potentially inaccurate methods like a simple ping sweep of an IP address range to identify anything that responds as a possible network device. As a result, many non-network devices including PCs, servers, IP phones, printers are inadvertently swept in, clouding the results. Gluware Device Manager with Network Auto-Discovery accesses Gluware’s powerful layer of Intent-based intelligence is able to clearly discover any and all network devices‒brownfield or greenfield. By using the ARP table, LLDP and CDP neighbor information from seeded devices, Gluware is uniquely able to propagate the discovery by crawling the layer 2 and layer 3 topology improving network security by identifying any rogue devices connected to the network.

Single Source of Truth

It is important for enterprise IT to establish a “single source of truth” for their network device inventory. This includes information critical to operate effectively and minimize risk. For example, they strive to know the currently running operating system on each network device. Applying Gluware’s discovery capabilities, Device Manager is able to query each device across 30+ different operating systems, leveraging their respective device-detect libraries and interrogating each device for current details in minutes, all the way down to its CLI. Device Manager is powered by Gluware’s underlying orchestration engine, enabling discovery across thousands of devices. In addition to discovering your source of truth, Gluware can synchronize and reconcile with an external 3rd party system through the use of the published REST-based GluAPI.
Once device details have been discovered in Device Manager, Gluware grid search and sort features can examine and understand the inventory so users can realize benefits including planning device swap/replace, operating system change management, and more. The details are fully exportable.
Gluware Device Manager also integrates with Cisco API Console to use the inventory information and make API calls to access EoX bulletins, SmartNet contract details and PSIRT advisories. This information provides further details to help prioritize equipment replacement and OS upgrades required for security concerns.

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Network Auto-Discovery

  • Uses seeded devices to discover ARP tables, LLDP and CDP neighbors then propagate discovery of devices in your network
  • Identifies the devices and types for import into Gluware intelligent automation
  • Ability to attempt multiple credentials to access each device

Device Inventory

  • SSH or Telnet support
  • Device detect libraries for 30+ OSes used to identify device and performs an intelligent discovery of the details
  • Information discovered includes vendor, hostname, SKUs, serial number, operating system version and more
  • Customizable grid with searching, filtering and export capability
  • Current configuration is backed up
  • Full detailed logs provided


  • Enable visibility of exactly what is running in your network
  • Understand exactly what operating systems are running
  • Consolidate management of multi-vendor and multi-platform
  • Reduce the risk and security vulnerability caused by out of policy operating systems
  • Identify and eliminate access issues to devices in your network
  • Integrate via API to sync with an external asset manager
  • Ensure devices in your network are covered by SmartNet and are not EoL/EoS
  • Identify security risks with visibility to security advisories (PSIRTs) issued on devices


  • Discover exactly what is in your network across all multi-vendor network devices
  • Automated inventory which determines vendor and parameters like OS, serial number and more
  • Captures and saves the current running configuration
  • Search and sort across all network devices
  • Custom fields to add parameters like location details, type, asset tag or other information
  • Integation with Cisco API Console to pull SmartNet, EoL/EoS and PSIRT information
  • Detailed activity logs to capture all commands and outputs from each device
  • Export all details