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Gluware overview

Intro to Gluware​

What is Gluware?

The Gluware® Intelligent Network Automation platform brings a powerful layer of intelligence to automate and orchestrate large multi-vendor, mission-critical networks—code-free and at scale. Gluware Intent-Based applications transform your enterprise, letting you simply and seamlessly take the guesswork out of managing and maintaining today’s mission-critical networks.

Gluware Automation Apps​


Gluware Dashboard is an intuitive and insightful dashboard app with a fully integrated interface for greater efficiency. The application comes with pre-seeded dashboards for administrative and app-specific views. It is fully customizable with multiple widget options with role-specific and private or public (shared) functionality. It includes widgets for rich text notes, web pages, RSS feed, counts, tables schedules, user activity, and more.

Data Explorer

Data Explorer solution provides the ability to build user-defined templates for custom reporting of any data within the Gluware databases. This includes defining new custom default reports for each application and also comes with pre-built reports and report viewer with the ability to export in csv, PDF or JSON. Users can generate reports such as detailed hardware inventory, device port utilization, port configuration, L2 and/or L3 configuration, device license, mix reports with drift, audit, OS Manager details and more. Users can generate the reports from Data Explorer, or leverage the report templates created directly from one of the Gluware solutions. Collaborate with other users with the ability to import/export report templates.

Device Manager

Gluware® Device Manager lets you auto-discover your network devices and details at scale. Quickly execute auto-discovery across your entire network, no matter how large or complex, code-free and at scale. Device Manager quickly and intelligently interrogates networks to build a device inventory database that includes granular details critical to automating your entire network. The network auto-discovery feature accesses Gluware’s powerful layer of Intent-based intelligence to clearly discover any brownfield or greenfield devices, enhancing overall network accuracy, agility and security.


Network management and automation solutions must exist in an ecosystem of other products, all working together to provide monitoring, configuration management, IT system workflow management and more. To satisfy this critical customer requirement, Gluware has published its API, GluAPI, enabling a programmatic interface so customers can leverage the power of Gluware automation and orchestration capabilities via API. GluAPI enables core API endpoint services with support to access Gluware app functionality including Device Manager, Config Drift and Audit and more.

Network Configuration Audit

Part of the Gluware® Config Drift & Audit application, Config Audit helps network engineering and operations accurately and easily enable compliance reporting in their network. The audit functionality enables the simple creation of network policies without programming and the ability to perform on-demand or periodic audits across an entire network. Quickly and efficiently define ad-hoc policies, company standard policies and standards-based policies like SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc., and run them on-demand or scheduled to identify any violating devices.

Network Configuration Drift

Gluware® Config Drift helps network engineering and operations identify the state of the network configuration across all network devices and accurately detect change. Drift functionality enables a network-wide, real-time scan to identify exactly what has changed in each network device.

Network Configuration Modeling

Automatically change your configurations into network policy with Gluware®Config Modeling. This Intent-Based application delivers configuration management and rapidly automation of large-scale networks. It leverages pre-existing brownfield, multi-vendor configurations, bringing agility and cost savings to network operations, code-free and at scale. Rapidly import of CLI-based features, turn features into network policy and make only the changes needed declaratively for each network feature across the range of supported vendors and device types. Config Modeling is built on technology base packages (routing, switching, firewall, load-balancer, WAN optimizer and wireless LAN controller), and vendor extensions that accelerate the on-boarding of your network’s existing features without programming.

Network RPA

Intelligent end-to-end network process automation. Event-Driven. Pre-built tasks. No coding needed. Automate your enterprise network in minutes, not months. Gluware Network Robotic Process Automation (Network RPA) provides the ability to create, manage, and monitor no-code process automation (a.k.a. workflows). It runs inside the Gluware Control web-based UI and is tightly integrated with the suite of automation applications.

OS Manager

Take network-wide upgrades from months to days with Gluware® OS Manager. This enterprise upgrade solution is designed to handle today’s critical multi-vendor, multi-platform networks. Unlike manual, error-prone methods, Gluware OS Manager changes the game for IT staff, allowing them to reliably upgrade the firmware/software (FW/SW) across an entire network in days, not weeks or months. Through Gluware® Intelligent Network Automation, OS Manager transforms the arduous and potentially perilous task of upgrading a network’s FW/SW to an easy-to-implement, automated process. OS Manager provides a reliable and scalable process to ensure network devices are updated with the approved versions.


Streamline your key processes with Intent-Based automation with Gluware® Workflows. This application streamlines your day-to-day operational network automation tasks and processes. Workflows is part of Intent-Based Gluware® Intelligent Network Automation. The application uses pre-built or customer-defined workflows to rapidly discover and automate today’s large-scale enterprise networks error-free and code-free. Workflows reduces human errors and delivering the agility, cost savings and security your network engineering and operations require.

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The Gluware Intelligent Network Automation platform brings a powerful layer of intelligence to automate and orchestrate large multi-vendor, mission-critical networks—code-free and at scale.


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