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Automating Cisco ACI

Automating Cisco ACI through CLI and API

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Automating Cisco ACI with Gluware

Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) is a software-defined networking (SDN) solution developed by Cisco Systems. It is designed to simplify network provisioning, management, and troubleshooting in data center environments. ACI aims to provide a more agile and responsive network infrastructure to support modern applications and business requirements.

Configuring Cisco ACI involves using the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) as the central management point for defining and enforcing network policies. Users access the APIC interface using a web browser and proceed through many steps required for tenant creation, application profile creation, endpoint groups (EPGs), contracts, bridge domains and more. While Cisco ACI and the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) offer powerful capabilities for configuring and managing network policies, users may encounter certain challenges during the setup and ongoing operation of the ACI fabric. Some common challenges include complexity and learning curve, initial setup and fabric discovery, policy definition and enforcement, troubleshooting and visability. An option users can leverage to help minimize errors and increase productivity is using the RESTful API provided by ACI for programmability and automation of configuration tasks.

Powered by API Modeling, Gluware has expanded its pre-existing CLI support for the NX-OS platform and expanded its automation capabilities of ACI by integrating with the RESTful API. Using the API, Gluware can read in the existing fabric details, device inventory details, and configuration parameters. Automating Cisco ACI with Gluware can help streamline configuration tasks and enhance overall management efficiency.

Gluware provides hybrid automation (CLI and API) of Cisco ACI and the NX-OS based devices to provide integration with the app suite including:

Use Cases for Automating Cisco ACI with Gluware

Automate Inventory, Drift and Audit

Gluware provides a few of your full inventory along with the ability to see config drift (what changed) along with no-code config audits to keep the network in policy and compliant. Then, using no-code process automation with Network RPA users can build workflows to automate remediation.

Automate Tenant Management

Use Gluware to ingest the current state of the configured tenants including application profiles, EPGs, bridge domans, VRFs and contracts. Automate tenant moves, adds, changes and deletes using the Config Model Editor.

Automate Processes

Gluware Network RPA can be used to automate many use cases end-to-end including ACI steps like initiating an ACI fabric. Network RPA integrates with the Gluware App suite to build custom workflows for troubleshooting, assessment, config drift, config audit and config modeling.


Gluware Automating Cisco ACI

Use Gluware to automate Cisco ACI inventory, config drift and audit

Use Gluware to automate initiating Cisco ACI fabric


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