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Automating Cisco Meraki

Automating Cisco Meraki through API to Simplify Operational Tasks

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Automating Cisco Meraki with Gluware

While the Meraki solution has become feature-rich, the steps to configure and manage have become more complicated, often requiring many clicks to navigate into network settings and device settings. As enterprises scale to hundreds or thousands of devices, the Meraki Cloud will need to be automated. Meraki does offer a rich Dashboard API, which can be leveraged to enable 3rd party automation through Gluware.

Powered by API Modeling, Gluware has expanded its automation capability of Meraki to enable Gluware applications to perform inventory, config drift, config audit, config management and process automation. Through integration with the Meraki REST API, and secure API keys, Gluware is able to read in the inventory details along with all the configuration parameters available through the Meraki Dashboard. Meraki provides over 300 API calls Gluware can leverage to provide automation and simplify operational tasks as enterprise users scale-out deployments.

Gluware provides automation through the Meraki Dashboard API using:

  • Device Manager – view your inventory details across orgs and networks
  • Config Drift & Audit – Identify config drift. Execute no-code config audits
  • Config Model Editor – Automate config changes across Orgs, Networks and Devices
  • Network RPA – Automate end-to-end processes with Gluware and 3rd party integrated tasks

Gluware provides simplicity and scale to automate adding new organizations, networks, devices, VLANs, and more. Configure thousands of network devices in minutes.

Use-Cases for Gluware Meraki Automation

Automate Inventory, Drift and Audit

While the Meraki Dashboard is easy to navigate and provides intuitive form-fill configuration pages, the difficulty comes when users have made errors creating inconsistency in the configuration. Gluware provides a few of your full inventory along with the ability to see config drift (what changed) along with no-code config audits to keep the network in policy and compliant. Then, using no-code process automation with Network RPA users can build workflows to automate remediation.

Automating Network-Wide Settings

Similar to the device settings use-case, changing network settings requires navigating into each organization, then into each network. Gluware customer examples have hundreds of networks in their Meraki deployments. Changing network settings, like adding or changing protocol settings like SNMP, syslog, NetFlow, or a SSID can be dozens of clicks – per network. Gluware is able to read in the existing Networks via API and provide the ability to perform a change across all the selected networks.

Automating Organization-Wide Settings

In the third category of use-cases, organization settings are not quite as bad, since enterprises are not likely to have hundreds of them. However, leveraging the power of Gluware to read in the Organization via API and be able to perform changes across multiple settings across all organizations is a tremendous time-saver and benefit.


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