Beginning the Journey Toward

Intent-Based Networking (IBN)

Reduce Complexity, Reduce Cost, Increase Agility

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Intent-Based Networking - auto short
Intent-Based Networking - approach

According to MIT and VMware, Intent Based Networking is:


SW that creates Policy Specifications and Device Configurations that reflect High level Policy Intent,

Then performs formal validation of Intent by modeling/previewing Dynamic States before Provisioning,

Then monitors the network/configuration state during runtime, and revisits policy intention as necessary.
Intent-Based Networking - stacks up 2

Gluware IDE is used to develop Expert Features and Guided Workflows that integrate and simplify the mapping of network configs to business intentions, and Gluware Control further tunes those intentions.

The Model Editor and intermittent Strategic Syncs on Devices provide fine tuning for the mapping of network configs to business intentions throughout the lifecycle of networks and devices.

Config Drift provides a Runtime Verification mechanism for network config monitoring and an integrated compliance report generation utility.

Previewing and Provisioning activities leverage the Gluware Orchestration Engine which integrates the Discover/Analyze/Validation process, Contextual Execution, and Strategic Syncs – all of which help validate and abstract device and device type technical execution from business intentions.

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Gluware Intent
Intent-Based Networking - proof01
Intent-Based Networking - proof02
Intent Velocity

Goals of Simplifying Configs, Reducing Cost, and Enabling Agility combined with the Continuous Intent Cycle described by MIT/VMWare delivers on the slope illustrated in the diagram below.

intent-based networking

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