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Benefits of Intent-Based Networking for Modern Networks

Tech Target

by Lee Doyle, Doyle Research

Intent-based networking can benefit network teams working remotely with increased workloads due to COVID-19. Benefits include reduced human error and automated manual tasks.

The networking industry has been on a long journey to make networks easier to deploy, operate and troubleshoot. Automating network operations is more critical than ever, given employees’ reliance on the network and the limited access IT personnel have to physical resources due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Networking operations are continuously complex, as these operations require manual intervention and highly trained personnel. New software networking tools can reduce the number of manual tasks for network teams, suggest possible solutions to problems and better understand a process’s or application’s intent.

Tools for intent-based networking (IBN) — a networking approach that aims to automate a network’s administrative tasks — provide significant benefits to IT productivity, including error reduction, improved security and more rapid resolution of trouble tickets.

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