Gluware is a Bain Capital Portfolio Company

Bringing Back Gold Standard To Networking With NetOps | Jeff Gray, Gluware

By Swapnil Bhartiya and Jack Wallen

Network automation might be the next big “Ops”.

Gluware is a company dedicated to the art of Intelligent Network Automation and helping companies make the shift to security, agility, and business continuity. The Gluware Intelligent Network Automation platform leverages powerful intelligence to automate and orchestrate large multi-vendor, mission-control networks at scale and without code.

Gluware is also focused on NetOps, which brings DevOps concepts (such as automation, orchestration, and virtualization) into network operations and makes it a part of the development process. The company is currently automating networks for companies like MasterCard, Merck, Ernst & Young, and Global 2000 customers, such as Terracon and Acuity Insurance. According to Jeff Gray, CEO, and co-founder of Gluware, “Gluware has created a layer of automation that is able to go down and crawl along any existing enterprise traditional network and create a layer of automation across both traditional, API-driven, and cloud-driven networking, and create a digital twin of that network.” He adds that this newly-created layer, “not only shares where those issues lie, but also provides the ability to cleanse the network and bring it back to gold standard.”

Watch the video and read the full interview at TFiR. Bringing Back Gold Standard To Networking With NetOps | Jeff Gray, Gluware - TFIR screen shot