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Creating Digital Transformation Through Network Automation


by Jeff Gray, Gluware CEO and Co-founder

Enterprises are racing to adopt EVPN-VXLAN to accommodate the networking demands of businesses in transition. As many shift from legacy monolithic architectures to modern application environments, EVPN has become the standard for facilitating traffic between domains and bridging networking needs among campus, branch, cloud, and data center. This enables old and new applications to run side-by-side, seamlessly, with built-in flexibility to scale as enterprise needs grow.

The fact is that the application economy has forever-changed the foundation of business operations. Now the network is the heartbeat of the enterprise fueling the applications that drive customer value. But transitioning a business from monolithic to microservices does not happen overnight – if it did, expect an environment rife with vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Instead, there is a period of transformation that most enterprises find themselves in today. EVPN-VXLAN is one of the key technologies that help businesses unify network operations across diverse environments to help facilitate this transition.

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