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Glue Networks to Showcase Simplified Provisioning of Multi-Vendor Data Center Switches at ONUG

Gluware Simplifies Management of Multi-Vendor Networks Leveraging Model-Driven, Network-Aware Orchestration Now Supporting Data Center Switching and the Migration from Physical to Virtual Network Functions

NEW YORK, Oct. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — (ONUG, Technology Showcase Table #3) –The pioneer in software-defined network orchestration, Glue Networks, announced today that its Gluware platform is able to configure multiple vendor devices using software-defined feature models that are dynamically translated to each vendor’s CLI/API during provisioning. Gluware, a software-defined network orchestration (SDNO) platform, enables IT teams to enforce centralized policy management across multi-vendor networks, physical or virtual, including the ability to seamlessly upgrade, downgrade or even swap vendor devices. Glue Networks will demonstrate orchestration of multi-vendor data center switches and seamless migration from a physical appliance to a virtual network function at the Open Network User Group (ONUG) on October 24 and 25, 2016.

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Through SDNO, network teams are able to reduce complexity and increase agility in the transition from physical to virtual networks, even in multi-vendor network environments.

  • ONUG Fall New York demonstrations: Glue Networks will demonstrate intent-driven orchestration by exposing switch parameters to IT operations in order to enable teams to provision or update a service across multiple vendor switches. Physical-to-virtual configuration management will also be demonstrated, providing the ability to seamlessly move a complex configuration from a physical device to a newly spun-up virtual network function.
  • Orchestrating multi-vendor/brownfield networks: To improve network speeds and functionality, enterprises often select best-of-breed equipment that results in complex, multi-vendor network environments. Each device brings a unique CLI/API and semantics that can require specialized expertise, introducing new complexities into lifecycle management. The Gluware orchestration engine solves these issues by dynamically creating the necessary CLI or API for each vendor upon provisioning. With more than 16 vendor platforms developed to date, Glue Networks has created the first truly vendor-agnostic orchestration solution. Visit Gluware Orchestration Solutions to see a complete vendor list.
  • Advancing the promise of virtual networking: IT management teams are balancing the shift from physical to virtual platforms with the challenge of optimizing and managing these fast-paced, quickly changing environments. Glue Networks provides a consolidated path to orchestrate and configure virtual network functions through advanced orchestration and automation by providing centralized policy management and a change control solution to manage existing hardware, whether physical, virtual or both.

Jeff Gray, CEO and co-founder, Glue Networks, said: “Before Gluware, customized network orchestration was only available to large service providers with significant budgets. Enterprises had limited tools or per-vendor tools that forced engineers down a path of custom scripting, a practice that is error-prone and difficult to manage. Glue Networks provides centralized configuration management at scale to ease the transition from physical to virtual, in turn driving down costs and increasing agility.”

David Talovic, president, Adaptive Integration, U.S., said: “Gluware allows our customers to orchestrate changes across a multitude of vendors so they can be agile and spend up to 60 percent less time performing operational network tasks. By leveraging Gluware’s abstraction and modeling, customers can now have devices represent a container of network features regardless of the underlying brands. It gives them the freedom of vendor choice without the usual hassle of making it all work together operationally.”

José Mauro, CEO, Multirede, Brazil, said: “Glue Networks technology introduces a disruptive concept for the network architecture and network operations of today, providing mechanisms to build a bridge between the existing multi-vendor proprietary ecosystem and an agnostic NFV environment. Multirede sees Gluware as a critical element for the networks of the future.”

Phil Lees, CTO, WhiteSpider, UK, said: “Gluware is giving network engineers the capacity to model all network functions vendor-agnostically, bringing the DevOps model to network architecture without the need of full-stack network engineers. Networks can be glued with Gluware technology as a single orchestration panel designed to bring customization at scale.”

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Glue Networks boosts the agility and reduces the complexity of managing distributed networks by intelligently orchestrating network policies and simplifying deployment and operations in order to meet the evolving needs of the enterprise. For more information, visit

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