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Gluware Builds Momentum on Strength of its Multi-Vendor, Intent-Based Networking Automation Platform

Multinational enterprises are transforming their networks with Gluware to increase security, eliminate manual configuration error outages and deploy rapid policy agility

SAN DIEGO (Gartner Catalyst Conference, Booth #226), Aug. 12, 2019 – Gluware, Inc. today announced the increase in adoption of its intelligent, Intent-Based networking automation software platform to automate customers’ global, mission-critical networks. With Gluware, enterprise customers automate inventory, audit, configuration management, network OS updates and advanced network operations workflows for thousands of devices that comprise their global, multi-vendor networks thereby improving security and agility while significantly reducing manual misconfigurations, downtime, and operational costs.

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Global enterprises face inevitable challenges associated with operating global, multi-vendor, mission-critical networks. Their network operations (NetOps) teams usually leverage a range of vendor tools, supplemented by Python-based scripting and DevOps tools, yet many tasks are still performed manually. With Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Department of Defense Security Technical Implementation Guide (DoD STIG), and other strict compliance requirements, enterprises need to perform frequent configuration audits and remediate across multiple vendors and device types and require a solution that can automate these cumbersome tasks while reducing the risk of errors and network outages. Many vendor developed automation approaches lack the multi-vendor and multi-domain policy-based support that enterprises require. Expanding in-house scripting and software development efforts require additional time, resources and cost for the organization and often their features fall short of what is required in order to solve the enterprise’s pain points. With many global enterprises having tens of thousands of network devices worldwide, attempting to self-build automation capable of executing worldwide changes simultaneously with high-resolution validation and verification is well beyond the scope of what is possible with traditional scripting or playbook alternatives.

Enterprises are turning to Gluware’s Intent-Based networking automation platform, Gluware Control, to deliver the off-the-shelf, multi-vendor automation and orchestration capabilities necessary to address these challenges without the high cost of building and maintaining their own platforms. Many of Gluware’s customers have a goal of pipeline-driven configuration with zero human implementation interaction to save their engineers from monotonous, low-value tasks while introducing self-operating capabilities into production. Gluware complements enterprises’ DevOps initiatives by integrating seamlessly via Gluware’s API and delivering an intelligent layer of automation with high-resolution validation and verification to perform automation at scale even on the most complex global enterprise networks.

With Gluware Control, customers achieve the following benefits:

  • Immediate business value: Multi-vendor support with out-of-the-box inventory, audit, OS upgrade at scale and automation of specific network policies without needing re-deployment
  • Rapid, No-Code Onboarding:  Gluware automatically ingests running configurations of any multi-vendor network creating a fully automated exact virtual model of the network without needing to code anything
  • Intent-Based Agility: Ability to implement 99% of global policy changes within 24 hours
  • Dramatically reduced defect rate: Dramatically lower defect rates for production change implementations leveraging Gluware’s change preview capability
  • Dynamically tracked configuration drift and audit: 99.9% global configuration consistency with 0.1% drift on purpose for customer-specific activity before closed-loop auto-remediation
  • Enhanced security: Achieve monthly OS patching and closed-loop capability to read the current policy state and remediate security violations with verification
  • Path to self-operating: Advanced workflows perform self-operating capabilities such as changing core routing on the fly, ongoing configuration monitoring and change notification with remediation

Companies like Mastercard are using Gluware Control to achieve their network automation goals.

James Radford, vice president, site reliability & engineering, Mastercard, said: “Gluware helped to unlock critical business challenges facing our current brownfield architecture faster and with higher resolution than we’ve had before. From project kick-off to full deployment, the targeted solution we implemented was fully integrated in 16 weeks—an achievement that might have previously taken years.”

Jeff Gray, CEO and co-founder, Gluware, said: “Mastercard needed a vendor-agnostic solution that didn’t require a huge amount of time, expense and training. Gluware meets the scale demands of a customer like this through our multi-instance provisioning engine, capable of auditing and remediating thousands of nodes in under an hour with integrated verification and validation.”

Come learn about this and more from the Gluware team at Gartner Catalyst in San Diego from August 12-15 at Booth #226.

About Gluware

Gluware is the leader in Intelligent Network Automation, delivering an Intent-Based orchestration engine that empowers Network Operations to successfully automate and orchestrate mission-critical networks at scale. Gluware applications keep complex multi-platform, multi-vendor networks in policy while enabling new features required as business objectives evolve. Gluware solutions work across brownfield or greenfield environments, dramatically reducing time to value for organizations while minimizing the risk to their networks of human-induced errors or planning omissions. The Gluware® Applications Suite addresses the mission-critical steps required to manage complex enterprise networks and includes: Gluware® Control, Gluware® Drift and Audit, Gluware® OS Upgrade, Gluware® Config Modeling and Gluware® Workflows. Gluware is deployed globally in the mission-critical networks of leading Global 2000 enterprises. Learn more at Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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