Gluware is a Bain Capital Portfolio Company

Gluware raises $43M for ‘RPA’ Tech that automatically detects and fixes anomalies in network configurations

by Ingrid Lunden, TechCrunch writer and editor

Facebook’s network meltdown earlier this month — an outage that initially stemmed from a configuration error — was a huge pain for many users (and a big cost to Facebook). For enterprises, it also served as a poignant reminder about a salient fact of networks: The complexity and interdependency of systems today mean that when something doesn’t work between two entities — be it apps, servers or something else — the effects can be disastrous, unless those overlaps can be detected and mitigated ahead of a live deployment, or found and fixed quickly even if they are already out in the wild.

Today, a startup called Gluware that has built a platform that aims to do just that — specifically by providing network orchestration and automation tools that identify and automatically fix when something is about to go awry on a network, described by the CEO to me as “RPA” for network ops — is announcing $43 million in funding to continue building out its business, in a growth round led by Bain Capital with participation from Acadia Woods Partners and other unnamed existing investors.

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