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Gluware to Showcase Software-Defined Security Solution at ONUG Fall

Gluware to Present Security Policy Orchestration Enabling Enterprise IT to Implement Policy Changes Across the Network in Minutes to Limit Threats

NEW YORK, Oct. 16 2017 (ONUG, Technology Showcase Table #17) – The pioneer in network orchestration, Gluware, announced today that it will be showcasing a Network Security Configuration Proof-of-Concept at ONUG Fall orchestrating policy management across multiple device types (routers, switches, firewalls) and vendors (Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, Palo Alto). Using Gluware, IT Network Operations can now take action on threats by implementing intent-based security updates to block attacks and permit valid customer traffic end-to-end across the network.  Gluware has already prevented the propagation of ransomware and blocked other attacks for customers that could have resulted in theft of intellectual property, destruction of data, millions of dollars in lost revenue and damaged company reputations.  Gluware will be showcasing this solution at ONUG on October 17 and 18, 2017.

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Cybercrime continues to grow making headlines on a regular basis and businesses are not doing enough to prevent data breaches. Enterprise IT implements firewalls to segment the network and a myriad of tools to detect threats, yet once on the network they have limited ability to act.  The challenge is managing a multi-vendor network that continues to increase in size and complexity. Too much is still configured manually which accounts for delays and the majority of network issues, outages and security vulnerabilities. Individual, single-vendor, management platforms are not providing the unified solution required to consistently manage the high rate of day-to-day change and threat mitigation needed.  Network automation is a top priority for Enterprise IT, yet challenges remain with limited management tools and legacy scripting slowing adoption.

Gluware enables customers to automate and orchestrate changes across their existing multi-vendor network at scale through packaged IT automation solutions. With Gluware’ s intelligent intent-based orchestration engine, IT operations can rapidly automate their existing network and policies without requiring significant skill set development or onboarding time.  Gluware can be deployed in the cloud or installed on premises.

In addition, Gluware will also feature new and updated solution packages at ONUG including:

  • Gluware Control – Centrally manage your multi-vendor network with Gluware, providing administrative control pre-defined and customizable solution packages enabling IT automation
  • SD-WAN –Easily deploy and manage full featured SD-WAN including Cisco IWAN on existing hardware
  • LAN Switching – Eliminate VLAN and QoS inconsistencies by automating network configuration management across multi-vendor LAN switch environments
  • Config Drift and Audit – Easily identify unauthorized configuration changes by enabling configuration drift detection across all network devices

Jeff Gray, CEO and Co-Founder said “Gluware has already saved enterprises from a myriad of attacks and changing attack vectors. Most enterprises have invested in advanced cyber threat detection tools, however acting on those threats in a brownfield multi-vendor environment is still a siloed and manual process in most environments. With the WannyCry and NotPetya style attacks of today, enterprises need to be able to change security policy in seconds across the globe and react in near real-time to changing threats. Gluware is bringing the “glue” between tools that detect threats and the actual state of the network and security policy to keep the bad guys out.”

Lee Doyle, Principal Analyst at Doyle Research, said “IT Organizations are struggling to keep up with business demands of the underlying network.  Software-Defined Networking is promising to enable centralized control and agility to address network changes, yet often requires a network re-design.  Gluware’s approach enables the benefits of SDN from the management plane and helps to address top priorities like automating security policy.”

Nick Lippis, Co-Founder and Chair ONUG, said “Organizations are looking for a more intelligent way to address security management.  No one can afford the lost business, issues and embarrassment caused by a breach.  Security is a top concern and is one of the use-cases focused on by the ONUG Community.  Gluware has applied their Software-Defined orchestration engine to the problem and provide a unique solution to automate security policy.”

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