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Modern Network Automation is Missing from Modern IT

by Jeff Gray, Gluware CEO

Delivering automation throughout the IT stack helps alleviate organizational strains, making it possible to manage change at scale both on-premises and in the cloud while ensuring the performance and functionality.

By and large, the pandemic has prompted IT leaders to rethink modernization efforts, recognizing how important agility, performance, and security have become in the wake of the widespread shift to remote work and the reorientation and digitization of business operations. In this effort, enterprises are finding increasing value in automation, particularly network automation, to streamline IT operations and accommodate fast-changing enterprise IT. Before the pandemic, network automation was a “nice to have” for forward-thinking organizations, but now that remote operations are commonplace, and IT environments span complex webs of vendor devices, multiple on-prem HQs, and branch locations, and cloud environments, automation has become a mandate to achieve the efficiency and accuracy modern organizations require.

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