Brownfield Automation

Rapidly Automate Your Existing Network

Current State of Automation

Network automation tools enable network operations staff to gain process and configuration agility while ensuring compliance.

—Gartner, Market Guide for Network Automation, March 2017

Current approaches not working well

For Stronger businesses

Network Operations needs to Modernize Automation



Gluware provides a balanced approach to automating the enterprise networks by offering prebuilt solutions & onboarding for existing features throughout the network lifecycle.

4way cycle

Gluware Control is a data-model driven platform leveraging an intent-based, network-aware orchestration engine.

Using pre-built or configuration modeled solutions customers can configure and deploy at scale.

gluware is the solution

Gluware is a force-multiplier:
faster deployment and
reduced effort

improving overall
business health

force multiplier

Gluware Control is an extremely flexible and powerful automation and orchestration platform, that

  • provides a network lifecycle oriented process and feature structure
  • enables and accelerates config agility across vendors, and at enterprise scale
  • supports compliance and audit needs of a business

Pre-built advanced solutions provide ready-to-use features for network designs and multivendor features. Config Modeling adds automation benefits to existing features and devices:


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