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Networking Automation as Foundation to Digital Transformation

By December 8, 2020December 10th, 2020No Comments
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by Megana Natarajan, Global News Correspondent with OnDOt Media

ET Bureau: Why is intelligent network automation so important to enterprises in today’s economy?

Jeff Gray: Enterprises in today’s economy are often faced with two main challenges – delivering on core business needs in a cost and talent-efficient manner and migrating to the cloud as part of their digital transformation efforts.

As networks move to the cloud and extend across multiple domains, managing device configurations grows more critical and challenging. While moving to the cloud and virtualization initiatives have evolved and grown over time, corporate networks have been slower to adopt modern automation solutions, still utilizing error-prone manual processes.

As a result, over 90% of network changes are performed manually, 70% of network policy violations are due to human error, and 75% of operating expenses globally are spent on troubleshooting.

Given these challenges, the days of manual intervention and the need for highly trained staff to implement low-value tasks are over. Successfully automating network management is now key to enterprise organizational success.

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