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ONUG Fall 2020 – Midday Keynote: Acuity Success Story

Acceleration to the Enterprise Cloud
The unprecedented global pandemic has fundamentally altered the pace at which enterprises are implementing digital transformation strategies. The deconstruction of private data centers and the acceleration of enterprise cloud adoption are direct results of adapting to changed behavior with regard to mobility, remote work adoption, customers’ changing product needs, and a rapidly changing supply chain.

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Midday Keynote: Acuity Success Story: How Gluware Made Complex EVPN Network Management Easy

Gluware CEO and Co-founder, Jeff Gray, and Gluware SVP, Matthew Dittoe, will be joined by customer, Acuity Senior Systems Engineer – Network, Chris DiPaola, to discuss Acuity Insurance’s success story using Gluware to automate its EVPN-VXLAN network and integrate its operations with its CI/CD pipeline to improve network health and operational efficiency.

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