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ONUG Spring 2024 | ONUG Collaborative Project Update: AI-Driven NOC/SOC Automation

Join Michael Haugh, VP of Product Marketing at Gluware and Tom Pagan, Principal Solutions Architect at World Wide Technology to discuss AI-Driven NOC/SOC Automation.

Over the past decade, enterprise networking and security operations teams have deployed products and solutions incorporating AI and machine learning capabilities, and yet many enterprise IT operations teams are still climbing a steep network automation learning curve. However, in just the past year, Generative AI platforms based on Large Language Models (LLMs) have burst onto the scene and demonstrated astounding capabilities across many diverse fields of art and commerce. It is reasonable to expect that GenAI will therefore have a huge impact on IT Operations, realizing the original promise of AIOps (a term coined by Gartner back in 2016).

The ONUG Collaborative AI-Driven NOC/SOC Automation project is exploring the role of GenAI in network and security operations to streamline workflows and drive automated processes for time-critical functions such as network performance management and unified incident response. The project team has identified and is evaluating a set of high-value use cases, which are being framed in a GenAI adoption maturity model, ranging from near-term, low-hanging fruit to long-term, art-of-the-possible.

Attend this session to learn how the ONUG Collaborative is helping enterprise IT professionals understand the role of GenAI for driving NOC/SOC automation, including the technical challenges, infrastructure implications, security risks and use case requirements. Project team leads will discuss 2024 project goals, including actionable outcomes and deliverables for enterprise IT professionals.


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