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Packet Pushers Tech Bytes: Automating Cloud Networks With Gluware

with Greg Ferro, Co-founder, Packet Pushers Interactive

Today on the Tech Bytes podcast, sponsored by Gluware, we discuss automating cloud networks. Our guest is Mike Haugh, VP of Product Marketing at Gluware.

A Gluware customer had a project to stand up infrastructure in AWS. The company had worked out a standard design and wanted to see if Gluware could enable them to set up–and tear down–cloud resources automatically. Mike takes us through how Gluware integrated with Terraform to automate AWS infrastructure.

We discuss:

Using Gluware to bridge the gap for network engineers from CLI to a more DevOps style
How Gluware transforms Terraform files into a workflow
Extending Gluware to configure cloud instances of IOS
Using Gluware for on-premises and cloud automation

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