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Packet Pushers Tech Bytes: First Bank’s Automation With Gluware. The Real Story.

with Greg Ferro, Co-founder, Packet Pushers Interactive

In this Tech Byte, we talk with Gluware customer, First Bank. First Bank is a family-owned, privately-held bank operating in the Midwest and California, with roughly 100 locations in 5 different states.

Our guests are Julie Wehling, Solutions Architect at Gluware; and Mike Pazarena, Network Engineer at First Bank. Mike talks about starting his automation journey with Python and Ansible for bank branch networks before realizing that it wasn’t the right fit for First Bank.

Gluware delivered for First Bank, providing a practical useful automation platform. In particular, they found the configuration modeling easy to use and modify the network operations. The detection of configuration drift highlighted gaps in procedures, and remediation was automated.

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