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Unifying The Network To Propel Digital Maturity

by Jeff Gray

Forbes Technology CouncilJeff Gray is the CEO and co-founder of Gluware, the leading provider of Intelligent Network Automation. 

Digital transformation has the potential to provide sustained business impact where there’s the finely-tuned coordination of technologies across an organization. Infrastructure that supports effective transformation must be able to flex and scale with real-time and rapidly changing business demands, ensuring performance and security to avoid disruption. As enterprises work toward the goal of a digitally transformed organization, the most successful will go through a process of digital maturation.

According to Deloitte’s most recent digital transformation survey, digitally mature organizations significantly outperform industry averages on key financial metrics and indicators of business impact. In the same survey, Deloitte refers to the coordinated integration of seven “digital pivots,” technology-related assets and capabilities, as the propellant of successful digital transformation. This means delivering key benefits that include efficiency, revenue growth, product/service quality, customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

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