In The Begining There Was CLI... (one box at a time)

In a distant network long, long ago, highly skilled network operators took it upon themselves to evolve their network management practices. Over time, these brave few created a primitive language, allowing them to communicate with network devices one by one. While this was a step
in the right direction, it was still painstakingly slow and laborious.

Then Came Scripting. (similar boxes at a time)

Then one day, tired of working with only a single device at a time, there was a break-though. These network operators learned to write scripts, and these “scripts” could
speak to entire classes and categories of network devices. This proved to be a significant improvement from the past.

Modeling was born! (all boxes at the same time)

Finally, through the power of abstraction and modeling, IT automation had finally become easy and universal for all levels of network operators. Intent-based networking now began to drive networks, causing vendor lock-in to become a thing of the past.

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