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Gluware Lab

An IDE to rapidly develop network features, workflows and API integrations−bringing DevOps to NetOps


The Gluware suite of applications provides turnkey capabilities to enable network discovery, inventory, drift monitoring, auditing and configuration management.

When features or integrations required by customers are not available as Gluware apps, Gluware staff and partners use Gluware Lab Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to rapidly extend capabilities, build network features and workflows and integrate API calls. Gluware Lab is now available for select customers to develop and extend Gluware themselves.

Gluware Lab is built on the well-known Eclipse framework providing a rich-client platform desktop software. Its modular design leverages:

  • Gluware plug-ins
  • Open-source plug-ins
  • Eclipse plug-ins

Gluware Lab provides an all-in-one Gluware application stack with the full provisioning engine for end-to-end development, testing and deployment to Gluware Control. Lab also has extensive debugging capabilities for working through any issues.

Network Engineers/NetOps or developer/DevOps use Gluware Lab to develop and test modules that are then packaged and published for consumption in one or more Gluware Control instances. The distribution capabilities include:

  • A public and/or private Distribution Center and Distribution Areas
  • Built-in versioning
  • Dependency management
  • Offline package distribution supported through the use of Capsules
  • Action replay with Provisioning Bundles to bring issues back to Lab from production instances

Gluware Lab provides access to the underlying technology of Gluware enabled through JSON-based data modeling and JavaScript-based business logic components. While Gluware Lab uses standard JSON notation, it has multiple annotations for UI forms, data validation, classes and more. Using the Gluware data modeling enables:

  • Ability to build and customize UI forms
  • Data validation and constraints
  • Device definitions
  • Network feature definitions
  • Use of Network Development Kit (NDK) classes
  • Use of REST Development Kit (RDK) classes
  • And more…

Key Benefits of Gluware Lab Integrated Data Modeling:

  • No scripting or development expertise is required
  • No need for Front-End (UI) building expertise
  • No need for Back-End (Database languages for SQL or MongoDB) expertise

The Gluware Lab programming capabilities enabled through JavaScript are also lightweight and powerful. JavaScript pairs well with the JSON-based data modeling and it is supported by chromium-based browsers.

Gluware Lab and Gluware Control Integration

Gluware Lab Introduction and Demo

In this session, we provide a brief overview of Gluware Lab followed by two live demos. The first demo shows using Gluware Lab to create custom data models for automating VLANs on a switch and also using that data model through the API. The second demo provides an example of building a Custom Script in Gluware Lab with API integration to ServiceNow for workflow approval automation.

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