Config Drift

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Config Drift Overview

The Gluware Config Drift and Audit solution enables organizations to achieve control over their network devices and the “wild west” approach to change management taking place in most networks today.

It provides network operations with the ability to:

  • “Snapshot” a known good configuration
  • Take periodic snapshots of devices
  • Apply a comparison to determine if any changes have occurred
  • If changes (drift) have been detected, provide line by line comparisons
  • Either promote the current snapshot to default or point out needed remediations for the device

This becomes very powerful when an organization is able to monitor for configuration changes across all the hundreds or even thousands of multi-vendor devices in their network.

Config Drift works hand-in-hand with the network configuration solutions providing the necessary feedback loop to monitor the current network config state and notify users of possible unauthorized changes that may need remediation.

Closed Loop Functionality

Config Modeling and Advanced Modeling can be used to automate existing networks or for deploying new networks. Once configured, the intended/default config for each device can be captured with Config Drift. Over the lifecycle of the network, periodic snapshots of all the network devices can be captured and compared to the default config, and any changes can be identified and analyzed. Gluware can then remediate those changes by re-syncing the node – and since it is declarative, it will only add/change/remove what is necessary for remediation.


  • Avoid outages caused by manual mis-configurations in the network
  • Proactively detect configuration changes and quickly identify what has changed
  • Detect and remediate unauthorized configuration changes across all network devices
  • Reduce the risk and security vulnerability caused by out of policy configurations
  • Eliminate holes in the network caused by potentially malicious configurations
  • Ensure consistency of configurations across the network (QoS policy, ACL policy)
  • Provide network-wide configuration audits in minutes with reporting capabilities


  • Detect and remediate unauthorized configuration changes across all multi-vendor network devices
  • Once verified, “Snapshot” an existing configuration as the default configuration to compare all others against
  • Take periodic snapshots and compare any two snapshots, to quickly identify configuration changes
  • When configuration drift is detected, the exact lines of configuration that have been changed are quickly identified
  • Activity logs to determine all actions – including editable user notes
  • Export Configuration Drift results which can be used for compliance reporting.

The Config Drift Solution

The Gluware Config Drift and Audit solution enables organizations to achieve control over their multi-vendor network device configurations.  Config Drift provides the ability to “snapshot” a desired configuration state, and then quickly compare current configuration against that snapshot and identify any changes.

Config Drift has been designed for simplicity and allows to quickly compare two historical device configuration snapshots against each other. When changes are detected, network operators can review the changes, and if appropriate, promote the new snapshot to default with one click. Results can be exported to share with audit and compliance departments.

Config Drift currently supports 12 vendors and 16 operating systems and growing based on demand. It is scalable to thousands of devices allowing network operators to always have a near real-time config view across all their vendors and domains.

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