Getting Started with Gluware Intelligent Network Automation

3 Great Ways to Get Started with Gluware

No matter where you are on the network automation journey, we offer three ways to made it easy for your IT team to evaluate Gluware:

1: Get a Gluware Demo

  • Meet with our team of automation engineers in a virtual web conference to discuss your specific network automation challenges 
  • See Gluware intent-based automation in action in a demo focused on your unique use cases
  • Learn how Gluware is solving real-world automation challenges for some of the world’s most largest enterprises

Total time: 30 minutes – 2 hours

Request a Gluware demo | Contact Gluware Sales

2: Take a Gluware Test Drive

  • Test Drive is a self-guided, hands-on tour of the Gluware network automation platform and application suite
  • All you need is internet access and a Chrome browser and Test Drive does the rest
  • Test Gluware Dashboard, Device Manager, Config Drift & Audit, OS Manager and Config Modeling applications on a set of Cisco and Juniper network devices
  • Video tutorials guide you every step of the way

Total time: Approximately 5 hours at your own pace 

Request Test Drive Access | Upon approval, you will be granted access within 1 business day | Access duration: 3 business days

Contact Gluware Sales

3: Get Free Trial

  • Rapid availability (<24hr)
  • Gluware Pro, Cloud-delivered AWS hosted
  • Requires installation of the Gluware Secure Gateway and SSL access to the internet
  • 60-day trial, full Gluware software suite, 100 devices*
  • Assigned Gluware resource for support
  • Gluware administered SaaS
  • The customer provides devices (physical or virtual)

Request Free Trial | Access granted upon approval

Contact Gluware Sales

Contact our automation experts for more information on getting started with Gluware or to develop a specialized POC.