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Gluware Named the Only Leader and Outperformer in GigaOm Radar for NetDevOps

Gluware Intelligent Network Automation recognized for its innovation, platform focus, and commitment to a comprehensive feature set that de-risks enterprise networks 

Sacramento, Calif. – January 11, 2022 Gluware, Inc., the leader in intelligent network automation for the enterprise, today announced that it is the only Leader and Outperformer in the GigaOm Radar Report for NetDevOps. GigaOm analysts positioned Gluware as the sole Outperformer in the Leader’s circle, recognizing the innovation and comprehensive focus of the Gluware Intelligent Network Automation suite. Gluware delivers the industry’s most advanced network automation capabilities that de-risk enterprise networks’ inherent complexity and chaos as cloud adoption and digital transformation accelerate.

“The leaders in this space offer multi-vendor support with microservices architectures built from the ground up … Gluware’s customer-driven roadmap enables complex enterprise use cases incorporating robotic process automation, self-operating functionality, and visualization,” said Ivan McPhee, Analyst, GigaOm. “In addition to providing off-the-shelf applications, Gluware Lab accelerates deployment by enabling customers to develop their own features, networking packages, and workflows on top of the Gluware platform for on-premises or cloud-based deployments.”

Gluware’s position as a leader in the GigaOm Radar for NetDevOps comes on the heels of the company’s $43 million growth funding investment round led by Bain Capital that is being used to accelerate the widespread adoption of intelligent network automation and enhance the agility, security, and performance of networks at cloud scale. Gluware simplifies the discovery, analysis, and maintenance of traditional, API-driven, and cloud networks to proactively reduce business risk, provide unparalleled visibility and intelligence from network data, and enable IT teams to make changes with confidence. Its intelligent network automation dramatically reduces time to value and improves return on IT investments, enabling the company to gain favor among top Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprise users.

Modern enterprises face many IT challenges. The performance and security of networks are critical to addressing many of them. Any unplanned network outage or downtime creates business risk and puts potentially millions of dollars on the line,” said Jeff Gray, CEO and co-founder, Gluware. “The network automation market itself is complex and fragmented, with workflow process and legacy tools that break under the scale, scope, and complexity of enterprise demands. GigaOm’s analysts clearly understand this, which is why Gluware is proud to be recognized for its innovation and ability to meet the most rigorous network automation demands of high-performance businesses.”

GigaOm analysts specifically called out Gluware’s ability to scale infinitely with extensibility features that deliver multi-vendor, multi-domain, and multi-cloud automation with continuous discovery and out-of-the-box network monitoring and management. Gluware’s suite of intent-based automation applications, available both on-prem and as-a-service, include Config Drift and Audit, Config Modeling, Dashboard, Data Explorer, Network RPA, OS Manager, and Workflows. Its latest capabilities focus on delivering intent-based, idempotent, no-code/low-code development capabilities through its integrated development environment, Gluware Lab, as well as enhanced applications for security and compliance.

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About Gluware

Gluware is the leading intelligent network automation suite for the cloud era, trusted by Global 2000 enterprises, across industries, from Pharma to Finance. Gluware automates the networks of the world’s largest and most complex enterprises, by simplifying how multi-domain enterprise networks are discovered, analyzed, and maintained. The company’s code-free, intent-based approach to network automation reduces the business risk of unplanned outages and downtime while elevating the performance of people and systems. 

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