Gluware Architecture

Pre-built Solutions, Intelligent Engine, IDE for Customization

Automating multi-vendor, multi-domain networks requires three key attributes to deliver on the time-to-value, scalability/reliability and complexity requirements of the modern enterprise:

  • Out-of-the-box solutions with the ability to deliver value quickly
  • Intelligence to ingest the current network and apply programmatic control through it through declarative and idempotent automation with integrated vendor adapters
  • Customization and extensibility to adapt the solutions addressing unique and changing business requirements

Gluware Intelligent Network Automation is designed to deliver on the requirements of the modern enterprise with Gluware Control and a suite of applications, the intelligent orchestration engine and Gluware Lab enabling customization and integrations.

Automation Solution and Suite of Applications

Gluware Control provides the application platform with multi-tenant and multi-user Role-based Access Control (RBAC) along with a modular design to dynamically load in the required packages and vendor support from the Gluware Distribution Center. It also provides a web-based user interface with access to a set of applications delivering out-of-the-box network automation capabilities:

  • Dashboards for deep data visualization 
  • Data Explorer for customizable reporting
  • Device Manager for network and device discovery
  • Config Drift and Audit for drift monitoring and powerful audits
  • Config Modeling for intelligent, policy-driven automated changes
  • Workflows for abstraction and automated processes
  • GluAPI for standard REST-based programmatic access

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Intelligent Orchestration Engine

The Gluware orchestration engine provides the underlying components to safely and securely manage CLI, API and Cloud systems at scale, across multi-vendor, multi-domain networks.

  • Delivered via cloud-native SaaS, or on-premise virtual-machines
  • Modern architecture leveraging microservices and containerization
  • Idempotent and declarative provisioning engine
  • Integrated databases, messaging bus, services and communications

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Vendor Adapters for CLI, API and Cloud

Gluware supports 30+ network operating systems across traditional (CLI), modern (API) and public cloud domains. The integrated semantic engine enables intelligent interaction to read and write with the native CLI/API/Cloud.

  • New vendor support can be rapidly added
  • Each vendor OS/platform supported by Gluware requires a vendor adapter which “teaches” the engine components the necessary CLI/API model and any other required rules, policies and procedures for that vendor

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Gluware Lab and Gluware Control Integration

Gluware Lab IDE for Customization

A complete platform that models, tests and packages features for use in Control. Extend and customize your own automation solutions and implement API integrations.

  • Rich-client platform desktop software built on the well-known Eclipse IDE framework
  • All-in-one application stack with a full provisioning engine for end-to-end development, testing and deployment
  • Provides access to Gluware technology through JSON-based data modeling and JavaScript-based business logic

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