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Glue Networks Introduces Industry-first Dynamic Network Development Kit to Dramatically Simplify Multi-vendor Network Complexity

Leader in Software Defined Network Orchestration Enables Network Engineers to Onboard Additional Vendor Equipment Features In-house

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 10, 2016, (Spring 2016 Open Networking User Group) – Glue Networks today announced the launch of its Dynamic Network Development Kit (NDK) as part of Gluware, its award-winning network-aware orchestration platform. With the Dynamic NDK, network engineers are able to onboard additional network features in their multi-vendor environments while maintaining integrity with existing solutions.

The Gluware platform enables enterprises to abstract network complexity into models to achieve near real-time network control. This leads to the transformation of networks to rapidly react to changing business needs.

  • Simplifying multi-vendor support – Glue’s solution enables network engineers to automate any combination of current or future multi-vendor networks without “ripping and replacing” existing infrastructure or needing to learn software programming. The Dynamic NDK provides a seamless way to onboard new vendor network features, reducing the time for network automation from months to days.
  • Key stakeholder benefits:
    Network Engineers – Ability to onboard new networking features from vendors with little to no programming knowledge and without having to wait for specific support in Gluware
    Network Operators – Vendor-agnostic models simplify daily operations for secure deployment and lifecycle management, while network engineers are able to add support for new features needed in the backend
    Lines of Business – Delivers a network that can adapt much more rapidly to changes in business requirements, with less downtime for maintenance or costly network upgrades

Jeff Gray, CEO and Co-founder, Glue Networks, said: “Orchestration of brownfield and greenfield multi-vendor environments is critical for any enterprise that is looking to achieve a higher degree of network automation. Gluware’s Dynamic NDK allows our customers to onboard the latest network features as needed, and automates their customized solutions across an end-to-end multi-vendor network from the WAN to the Data Center.”

Nick Lippis, Co-chairman and Co-founder of ONUG, said: “At ONUG, our mission is to facilitate member communication so that vendors develop open and interoperable solutions that meet end user needs. By advancing multi-vendor automation, Glue Networks provides the orchestration capability needed to help organizations adapt to the rapidly changing network requirements in complex architectures such as SD-WAN.”

Aryo Kresnadi, FedEx Technical Fellow, ONUG Board, said: “Software defined networking promises to make the network more agile and adaptable. However, there is a need in the industry for solutions that provide the ability to orchestrate new features and policies in a standardized, automated and replicable manner while providing sufficient customization to meet enterprise-level requirements.”

Dr. Nick Feamster, Professor of Computer Science, Princeton, said: “SDN technology enables flexible and easy network automation; it allows IT departments to respond quickly to both short-term network events and longer-term business needs. In data centers, SDN has improved the state of the art in network management because the network environment is tightly controlled by a single service provider. The wide-area network is much more complex: the network is more heterogeneous, with multiple vendors and infrastructure providers, and often a hodge-podge of protocols and underlying technologies. Glue Networks has developed state-of-the-art orchestration technology that makes it possible to deliver complex services and performance guarantees; these are challenging problems, and I’m impressed with Glue’s approach to solving them.”

About Glue Networks
Glue Networks boosts the agility and reduces the complexity of managing distributed networks by intelligently orchestrating network policies and simplifying deployment and operations in order to meet the evolving needs of the enterprise. For more information, visit

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