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Gluware Introduces Network RPA to Accelerate Hyperautomation and NetDevOps at ONUG Spring 2022

ONUG Keynote and Sessions to Showcase How Network RPA and Intelligent Network Automation Will Enable the Pathway to Responsible AIOps and Self-Operating Networks

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Apr. 26, 2022Gluware, Inc., the leader in intelligent network automation and an ONUG Spring 2022 Thought Leadership sponsor, today introduced its Network Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution, an integrated application that enables users to create, manage and monitor no-code workflows across a wide range of native and third-party integrations. With this latest addition to the Intelligent Network Automation suite, Gluware adds another powerful application to offer businesses access to end-to-end, intelligent and event-driven hyperautomation of IT infrastructure at scale.

Gluware Network RPA provides users with the ability to securely leverage intelligent process automation for mission-critical network workflows, such as moves/adds/changes/deletes (MACD), assessments, troubleshooting, OS change processes, configuration management and more. Users will have access to task-level operations from each application, along with external tasks for integrations with systems, including ITSMs, IPAMs, SYSLOG and monitoring for SNMP, NetFlow and sFlow. 

Gluware Network RPA includes three components:

  • Workflow Library – Provides workflow management and information with the ability to import, export, and track development levels and execute workflows. Workflows can be executed manually, scheduled or triggered (event-driven).
  • Workflow Editor – An automation flow designer with a drag-and-drop user interface to build out end-to-end processes of triggers, actions and events, using pre-built tasks and conditional logic (if-then-else) that supports multi-path decision logic.
  • Workflow Activity – Provides multi-layer monitoring and execution results at the workflow layer, task layer and device/endpoint layer. Users can manage workflow states, including pending, running and blocked. Full log and review access are also provided.

By offering DevOps style development for workflow level progression (draft, test, production), Gluware Network RPA accelerates hyperautomation and enables businesses to get on the NetDevOps fast track. The turnkey solution also enables a much wider range of integrations – including pre-built API integrations – leveraging third-party libraries, including StackStorm, and providing integration packs with systems, including ServiceNow, Jira, AWS, Ansible, Slack and more. Network RPA constrains workflow test and validation processes with integrated device classification to prevent inadvertent execution on production equipment as well as authentication and RBAC integration with Gluware Control.

“Although companies are pursuing digital transformation to improve business services, many never reap the efficiencies gained because they get bogged down in how changes will affect the network downstream,” said Jeff Gray, CEO and co-founder, Gluware. “Gluware Network RPA offers a simplified approach to realizing the ROI and value from your network by moving beyond automated tasks to ensure efficiency at the process level. Instead of spending time fixing problems caused by human error, this enables IT teams to automate end-to-end processes, build advanced automation without coding, and enforce processes to maintain compliance and enhance security.”

At ONUG Spring 2022, Gluware customers, alongside company executives and networking experts, will highlight how Gluware’s intelligent network automation enables growth and business success. Together, they will address the ways Gluware simplifies the discovery, analysis and maintenance of traditional, API-driven and cloud networks and optimizes network performance in the face of escalating complexity. 

The complete list of sessions includes:

  • Gluware Keynote: Gluware Intelligent Network Automation Accelerates Compliance Initiatives for a Leading National Bank – The future of financial services involves staying ahead of risks and enabling new business opportunities. Get insights and best practices from a senior director at a leading national bank on how the company is using Gluware Intelligent Network Automation to address key priorities, including configuration management, vulnerability management, lifecycle management, compliance, enhanced security, lowered operational costs and more.
  • Gluware Open Session: Join Gluware for the Introduction of Network RPA Ernest Lefner, Chief Product Officer, Gluware, will review the new product announcement and highlight the path to self-operating networks in an era of rapidly evolving enterprise needs. Lefner will discuss how no-code/low-code NRPA and NetDevOps provides the software ‘glue’ between API interfaces to progress from task-based automation to end-to-end event-based automation, along with a demo from Michael Haugh, VP of Product Marketing. 
  • Gluware Proof of Concept: Real-World NetDevOps: Build, Test and Operate IT Workflows with Gluware – Michael Haugh, VP of Product Marketing, Gluware, will demonstrate how NetDevOps is real and achievable using Network RPA with a drag-and-drop, no-code approach to build, test and operate workflows to automate processes in your infrastructure lifecycle management. 
  • Orchestration and Automation Showcase: Accelerating O&A of Multi-Domain and Cloud Using Integrations and Process Automation – Michael Haugh, VP of Product Marketing, Gluware, will join representatives from Kentik to demonstrate how Kentik observability is programmatically integrated with Gluware Network RPA to provide automated response to a degraded network condition to perform a drift detection and remediation to restore application health.
  • Cloud Security Notification Framework Showcase: Gluware Enables Automated and Orchestrated Security Response to CSNF Messaging – Tim Silverline, VP of Security, Gluware, will discuss how Gluware Network RPA integrates programmatically with the CSNF framework to enable event-based automated security response using programmatic interaction with Network RPA to perform configuration drift on the network and update an AWS ACL to block a bad actor as part of the response.
  • Orchestration and Automation Working Group Session: Avoid “Marketecture” by Understanding Overused Terms –  Michael Haugh, VP of Product Marketing, Gluware, will join representatives from the working group to discuss and demystify terminology related to orchestration and automation.
  • Industry Panel: What Do Dev & Ops Need from Each Other? – Ernest Lefner, Chief Product Officer, Gluware, will be joined by representatives at Strongbow Consulting Group, Microsoft and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island to explore what needs to happen in the real world of enterprise software delivery for DevOps theory to succeed in practice.
  • Industry Panel: Navigating Your Enterprise Tech Career – Ernest Lefner, Chief Product Officer, Gluware, will be joined by representatives from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Cigna and Citigroup to discuss career paths and offer advice for those entering the enterprise tech job market or expanding their career.

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