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Gluware network automation update addresses OS changes

By October 17, 2019October 25th, 2020No Comments
Gluware network automation update addresses OS changes - glu news copy

by Antone Gonsalves, News Director

Gluware adds to its network automation platform easier management of changes to device configurations and operating systems.

Gluware has released an upgrade of its network automation platform that simplifies the process of applying operating system upgrades and confirms the impact of a configuration change. Introduced this week, version 3.6 of the Gluware Intelligent Network Automation product also includes a plugin for Ansible, an open source IT automation platform.The improvements in OS upgrades through Gluware Automation tackles a process that is one of the primary use cases for network automation tools, according to research from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), based in Boulder, Colo.

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