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Gluware to Showcase Intelligent Low Code Network Automation on Upcoming Packet Pushers LiveStream

New Features in Gluware 4.1 empower NetOps teams to tap intent-based automation and replace legacy NCCM solutions

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Gluware, Inc., the leader in intelligent network automation for the enterprise, will join Packet Pushers to present a livestream event on September 28, 2021 at 8:00 AM PDT/11:00 AM EDT, “Intelligent Low Code Network Automation: Get out of-the-box automation and grow into infrastructure as code.”

The Livestream will feature Gluware leaders in addition to the Packet Pushers team and several network architects and systems engineers who have deep practical insights into network automation best practices, including Terry Slattery, Principal Architect, Netcraftsmen. The program will focus on helping attendees achieve rapid time to value using out of the box, low code, intent-based network automation and evolving to network investments into Infrastructure as code (IaC).

Gluware users will present their unique stories about using intelligent network automation from Gluware to solve real-world networking challenges, such as automating complex brownfield environments, moving away from time-consuming and error-prone scripting and legacy NCCM, and integration with CI/CD pipelines for API automation. Attendees will have opportunities to see live product demos, ask questions and engage with the Gluware team and networking industry experts.

The full agenda includes:

Out-of-the-Box Network Automation with Gluware — Michael Haugh, Vice President, Product Marketing, Gluware, will deliver a Gluware product demo and answer the questions, “What does Low Code mean?” and “How quickly can I do something useful?”

Evolving from CLI to Infrastructure as Code (IaC) — Chris Ellerman, Vice President, Presales and Service Delivery, Gluware, will showcase how Gluware automation data-modeling principles automate brownfield environments as well as CLI, REST and Cloud networks to deliver rapid customer value.

Customer Story: Flexible Automation for a Complex Enterprise — A Gluware customer from a global engineering firm will present their user story live to illustrate how Gluware network automation supported their company’s rapid growth with its ability to automate diverse vendor environments, legacy equipment, and brownfield networks while enabling the company to shed vulnerability-prone NCCM tools. This session will also offer insight into how the company uses Gluware Lab to develop customized automation capabilities for its unique network footprint.

The Burden of Internal Development: Today’s Scripts and Playbooks are Tomorrow’s Technical Debt — Michael Haugh, Vice President, Product Marketing, Gluware, will explore the burden of internal development faced by many enterprises that find their scripting and playbook efforts today often become technical debt tomorrow. Using the experience of global enterprise customer as a case study, Haugh will explain how leveraging a solution like Gluware can accelerate network automation in contrast to a build-it-yourself path rife with high hidden costs.

Customer Story – Automating EVPN-VXLAN Data Center with CI/CD Integration — A Gluware customer from a global insurance company will present their user story live, highlighting the ways Gluware helped them move way from scripting and legacy NCCM and enabled value-added integration with their CI/CD pipeline to deliver API automation of the network.

How Gluware Democratizes Network Automation — Terry Slattery, CCIE #1026, Principal Architect, Netcraftsmen, will offer a Gluware partner’s perspective on modernizing network operations using automation. Slattery will present a real-world customer case study on using Gluware to replace a legacy network configuration audit tool while gaining network security auditing capabilities and the ability to automate fixes.

The one-hour Livestream will begin at 8:00 AM PDT on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, and include time for Q&As. To register click here.

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In today’s world, it is a strategic imperative for global enterprise IT to prevent critical outages, enhance network security and keep up with ever-changing business requirements through increased network agility. As the leader in Intelligent Network Automation, Gluware adds a powerful layer of intelligence to any existing or new enterprise network, with code-free apps that automate and orchestrate mission-critical network tasks at scale. Gluware’s patented Intent-Based Networking (IBN) technology and out-of-the-box applications are automating the networks of the world’s largest and most complex enterprises across a complex tapestry of vendors, technologies, infrastructure and standards, helping to keep them “always on” while reducing the risk of human-induced errors or planning omissions. The Gluware Application Suite dramatically reduces an organization’s time to value and is deployed in the networks of Global 2000 enterprises including leaders across industries from Pharma to Finance.


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