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Gluware Wins TechTarget Network Innovation Award for Intelligent Network Automation

Award recognizes Gluware 4.0 for enabling enterprises to enhance agility and manage complex, multi-vendor, multi-domain brownfield networks

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Jan. 12, 2021 — /PRNewswire/ — Gluware, Inc., the leading provider of Intelligent Network Automation, today announced the company has been honored by TechTarget and the SearchNetworking editorial team as a Network Innovation Award winner for Gluware 4.0 and its innovative approach to intelligent multi-vendor, multi-domain, and multi-cloud network automation. Gluware 4.0 was recognized for its ability to help enterprises transition their networks from costly, error-prone and manually configured to modern, intent-based automated networks that enhance security, reduce time to value, increase agility, and improve return on IT investment.

“The Gluware automation platform has impressed real-world enterprise users with its ability to efficiently and effectively automate tens of thousands of devices across challenging brownfield environments, where new tools must cooperate with legacy hardware and software. Importantly, network engineers don’t need coding or scripting experience to use the intent-based software,” wrote Alissa Irei, Senior Writer, Search Networking.

Rapidly changing, highly-complex network environments have become the norm in enterprises transitioning their IT infrastructure to accommodate increasingly distributed, data-centric, cloud-based operations. Network complexity leads to spiraling IT costs and resource-intensive management needs while also limiting interoperability, increasing security risks, and hiding outage-causing misconfigurations. Intelligent, flexible automation capabilities, such as those delivered by Gluware 4.0, provide a vital lifeline to network IT teams that must mitigate these issues to ensure business continuity, network performance and security.

“Enterprise networking demands are evolving quickly given the rapid pace of digital transformation. Coupled with the impact of the global pandemic, businesses are embracing network automation for the agility, security, performance and ROI it can quickly deliver,” said Jeff Gray, CEO, Gluware. “We have seen immense interest from organizations across industries eager to deploy automation technology from Gluware. This recognition from TechTarget and the SearchNetworking editorial team validates our vision as the leading intelligent network automation provider for multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-cloud enterprises.”

Gluware 4.0 includes two network automation offerings, Gluware Pro and Gluware Enterprise. Gluware Pro is a cloud-delivered SaaS automation application suite delivering security and rapid onboarding in an easy to consume subscription model that includes a free pricing tier for network discovery and inventory. Gluware Enterprise provides additional flexibility and security with high scalability and other enterprise-grade features optimized to automate the largest and most complex global enterprise networks.

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About Gluware
In today’s world, it is a strategic imperative for global enterprise IT to prevent critical outages, enhance network security, and keep up with ever-changing business requirements through increased network agility. As the leader in Intelligent Network Automation, Gluware adds a powerful layer of intelligence to any existing or new enterprise network, with code-free apps that automate and orchestrate mission-critical network tasks at scale. Gluware’s patented Intent-Based Networking (IBN) technology is automating the networks of the world’s largest and most complex enterprises across a complex tapestry of vendors, technologies, infrastructure and standards, helping to keep them “always on” while reducing the risk of human-induced errors or planning omissions. The Gluware Application Suite dramatically reduces an organization’s time to value and is deployed in the networks of Global 2000 enterprises including leaders across industries from Pharma to Finance.

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