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New Gluware Software Release Enables Self-Onboarding of Network Features for No-Code Automation

New in Gluware Control v3.4, the Config Modeling app adds a Workflow wizard to self-onboard network features from vendor configurations enabling rapid network-wide automation. This release also adds support in the OS Upgrade app and Config Modeling app for the Cisco® ASA Firewall and NXOS Data Center switch platforms.

Sacramento, Calif., January 8, 2019 – Gluware Inc. announced today, just before the holidays,  Gluware Control version 3.4 released with significant platform features and enhancements across its application suite. The new release features a Workflow wizard to self-onboard network features enabling no-code automation of any network feature supported by the vendor packages in the Config Modeling app.

Gluware Control v3.4 release highlights include:

  • Workflow wizard for self-onboarding of network features in Config Modeling
  • High Availability (HA) support for on-premises installations
  • OS Upgrade app and Config Modeling app support for Cisco® ASA Firewall and NXOS Data Center switch platforms
  • OS Upgrade app adds integration with Cisco® support API* calls to verify OS image compatibility and get the checksum for file size verification
  • Advanced meta-data tagging called “custom fields” for improved usability
  • Customizable data retention settings for all data stored in Gluware Control
  • Automation of Certificate Management support in Config Modeling
  • Early Availability (EA) Workflow wizards which integrate Cisco® support API* calls to check devices for PSIRT, EOS/EOL, SmartNet, and Recommended Software

*Cisco® Support APIs require Cisco® Partner Support Services(PSS) partners or Cisco® Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) customer accounts for access

Using a new Workflow wizard, customers and partners can now create their own Config Modeling feature sets dynamically and export them to different Gluware systems or subordinate organizations for immediate deployment in brownfield and greenfield networks at scale. Any CLI feature (or feature set) on over a dozen network vendors, across the spectrum of device types (router, switch, firewall, load balancer, WAN op, and wireless LAN controller) can be modeled by users, previewed, and deployed “out of the box” across their network. This feature is key to further accelerating “time to automation” benefits of legacy networks using Gluware.

To reflect Gluware’s increasing value as a critical enterprise application, System Administrators can now create High Availability(HA) implementations of the Gluware system in their on-premises installation. Easy to configure options for a secondary Gluware server with data replication are integrated into the installation process, enabling Gluware to deliver the same Active/Standby robust performance for Cloud or on-premises solutions.

Gluware continues to expand vendor and platform support enabling capability on the platform, including the inventory feature in Device Manager, and application suite.  Support for Cisco® ASA Firewalls and NXOS Data Center switches have been added to both the OS Upgrade and Config Modeling apps.

The OS Upgrade app adds integration with Cisco® support API calls to verify OS image compatibility and get MD5 and SHA512 checksum for file size verification.  These additional automated steps help to eliminate failure points in the OS upgrade process.

Within Gluware Control, users can now create any number of Custom Fields (String, Numeric, Binary) for each or any group of devices to aid in the logical segmentation of large networks to facilitate organizing large automation jobs or reporting tasks. These user-defined descriptors can then be applied in filtering and grouping devices or jobs for any Gluware operation or report.

In the age of information overload and corporate data retention policy scrutiny, Gluware has introduced a simple and flexible feature for data management. System Administrators can now configure retention, archiving, and storage by category of Gluware operation and status based on any combination the age or frequency of that data. This enables corporate data retention policies to be easily implemented even if they differ from organization to organization within the same company.

The Config Modeling app provides the ability to rapidly automate even the most complex features, which are often made up of many configuration elements where order and context matters.  Config Modeling now supports the automation of Certificate Management including X.509 cert management for Cisco® IOS CA.  This feature, along with other complex features, has been ported over from the SD-WAN app to enable more flexibility using Config Modeling for network automation.  Certificates are often used with tunneling technologies like DMVPN which also can be automated with Gluware.

Performing lifecycle management of large networks made up of many different platforms can be very challenging especially when it is critical to protect the network from vulnerabilities and ensure the products are supported by the vendor.  Some vendors, including Cisco®, have enabled support APIs to enable automation of specific tasks.  New Gluware Control Workflow wizards have now become early availability(EA) to leverage those API calls and perform automated checks on network devices including PSIRT (for known issues and vulnerabilities), End of Life/End of Sale (EoS/EoL), Smart Net contract status, and Recommended Software check.  Along with the real-time device inventory feature in Device Manager and the ability to automate software updates with the OS Upgrade, Gluware significantly simplifies the lifecycle management of network devices at scale.

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Gluware is the leader in brownfield intent-based network automation, enabling intelligent automation and orchestration on existing and future multi-vendor enterprise networks. Gluware rapidly automates existing networks and obviates the need for enterprises to develop automation software in-house which is expensive and time-consuming.  Gluware is able to perform complex configuration and operating system management keeping network devices in policy along with ongoing policy enforcement for increased security. Gluware dramatically reduces manual and outsourced labor costs while minimizing the risk of human-induced errors and outages. Gluware is deployed globally in mission-critical networks of leading Global 2000 enterprises.

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Gluware provides the leading intelligent network automation suite for Global 2000 enterprises, trusted across industries from finance to pharma. Gluware automates the networks of the world’s largest and most complex enterprises, keeping them secure and in compliance. The company’s code-free, multi-vendor solutions and intent-based approach to network automation reduce the business risk of outages while lowering costs and increasing efficiency. For more information, please visit

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