Gluware Control

Platform Overview

Gluware Control is an automation and orchestration platform designed to simplify network management for Enterprise IT.  Solutions include configuration management packages and network utilities to enable lean IT to manage complex and growing multi-vendor networks comprised of routers, switches, firewalls, load-balancers, WAN optimizers, wireless controllers and more.
Spanning multiple domains (including LAN, WAN and Data Center), Gluware is a cloud-native application which runs as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), but can also be delivered and implemented for On-Premise applications.

Gluware accelerates simplifying Enterprise networks by:

  • Offering pre-built solutions to deploy on new or existing devices
  • Providing config-based modeling that on-boards and automates one-to-many feature configurations for existing brownfield devices
  • Providing a single platform for multi-vendor automation that is easily customizable for each enterprise network

Gluware Control Top Features

Gluware top features include:

Solution Switcher

Accessible at all times in the Gluware Home bar, the Solution Switcher provides immediate access to all the different Gluware Solutions, Utilities, and Tools. No matter where a User is, access to all of the other Gluware tools and utilities are a click away.

Platform - dashboard
Platform - solutions manager

Solutions Management

This tool is used to customize each Organization or sub Organization with the specific set of packages and tools that the Gluware Users will need for the network or configuration project the Organization focuses on. The tool allows the review, installation or update of each Gluware package.

System Settings

Provides complete administration for Gluware Orga
nizations (groups of network devices) and Users.

Platform - system settings
Platform - advanced controls

Model Editor

Broken up into 3 sections, the Model Editor provides

  • all available Feature Configuration Control Types (or Templates) on the left,
  • all of the configured Instances of the selected Types that Users have created so far in the middle,
  • and the editable details of the selected Instance (in the middle section) on the right.

Guided Workflows

For the Advanced Solutions (like SD-WAN and LAN Switching), the most common network lifecycles activities are captured in these workflows, that ask basic questions and offer simple choices, then generate the appropriate Instances to be modified or just provisioned on Nodes from the Model Editor.

Platform - guided workflows
Platform - type maps

Type Maps

For each network (Organization) the Type Map provides a graphical representation of all supported and configured Features, Domains, Globals, and Nodes. This maps all the different combinations of configurations that could be provisioned on the nodes in the current organization.

Breadcrumbs and Go To links

These two functions enable fast and efficient access to related configuration aspects of a Users’ network. The GoTo button pulls up related Instances of Feature, Globals, Domains and Nodes with a single click, and the Breadcrumbs walk back through the accessed Instances in an intuitive manner.

Platform - search

Filtered Search Bars

Found throughout the UI, they provide the ability to quickly find specific network nodes and features.

Provisioning Actions

Users can Provision large groups of Nodes with a single click,
have the option of 3 different Preview Modes enabling Change Review Board and peer access to what will be provisioned on Nodes (including Logs and the CLI that will be provisioned or changed on Nodes, as well as common Device Actions like renewing certifications, and disabling Interfaces on Nodes.

provisioning logs

Provisioning Logs

Calendar based access to Provisioning and Preview logs and CLI, with logs including 7 levels of provisioning details, and CLI including feature level and device level commands that will be, or have been, altered or added to Nodes.

Terminal Panel

Users are provided easy access to configured Nodes using full-featured SSH sessions, enabling quick discovery, investigation, and confirmation of the current configurations of Gluware nodes.

Platform - ssh